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Excerpt from Term Newspaper:

Running Room Case Study

Question you Do a SWOT on the Working Room.

The Running Room’s strengths range from the fact that the Running Area offers individualized service and quality sneakers expressly made for running and for the unique sports needs of runners. As well, the fairly low cost of opening up and maintaining their grocer means that it is possible to enter the marketplace on a store-by-store basis. The Running Room’s weaknesses are that the store has a fairly small niche market, that of severe runners and health conscious, old consumers. Whilst serious athletes do not generally patronize retailers like Foot Locker, even more generalized athletic shoe stores such include a larger market foundation and can sell more varieties of cheaper shoes at volume.

The threats to the Running Place include the store’s primary opponents in the form of little independent outlets that exhibit local marketplace strength based on longstanding customer loyalties. Possibilities for the Running Area include defining the store in the us to take advantage of the current concern about fitness, the increasingly ‘fashion focused’ attitude of restaurants like Ft . Locker plus the Athlete’s Foot in the United States that act as a ‘turn off’ for critical runners.

Problem 2 Present Situation: Taking into consideration the geography in the U. T. And conditions for site that Staton seems to prefer, briefly explain three substitute strategies that RR may well use to enter in that marketplace. Be particular.

Although Stanton has a choice for locating stores in smaller marketplaces, one potential option should be to locate within a larger, even more urban region such as Nyc and Boston, both cities with large and rich segment markets that get pleasure from running and might desire a lot more personal focus the store supplies. Although Canadian expansion was achieved with each fresh location staying paid for out of cash flow produced by existing stores, franchising in the United States continues to be an as-yet unconsidered choice, provided you will find strict recommendations regarding the top quality and schooling of the new Running Room’s sales staff. Lastly, Stanton could available Running Space stores with different focuses, just like emphasizing the clinic aspect of the store, to encourage consumer loyalty and draw fresh runners towards the store.

Question 3: Describe an international business plan for the Running Room to present to possible economical backers. Give basic details for each element of the plan based on the case provided.

The stores usually are financed from existing Working Rooms, demonstrating the frugality of this store’s operating costs. Despite intense competition by much larger companies, because of its low costs of operation and despite the relatively costly and specific products, Jogging Room sales have reached $40 million each year, an average of about $816, 000 per retail store, and the even more concentrated United states of america population will ensure access to more consumers, with a higher per household income than currently is out there in Canada.

Every store stocks and options well-known goods such as Nike and The puma corporation, in addition to Fit-Wear, at this point an established brand name among customers and gives all of them a reason to search at the Working Room. The Running Room thus has a reputation for providing good marketing and merchandise placement to its name manufacturer footwear and for regarded trademarks that draw consumers in, plus it has a new brand that may generate customer loyalty and draw customers into the retail store for the express aim of buying this device. The fact which the Running Area provides services and top quality rather than savings is another purpose that trademarked brands will probably be

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