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Research from Reaction Paper:

The mechanics of language creation are naturally just as important since the language produced in terms of identifying cultural space and deciding where one can or would want to fit into a larger, incredibly diverse yet constantly changing society and culture. The rolling of the r’s referenced in the name of the story is significant as a signal of mechanical mastery, along with being able to assert (or certainly not claim) when any of the particular aspects of the many cultural details that these children must cope with in terms of conformity. In other words, the greater skill there exists in the physical manipulation of language, the less others will be able to work with language to define the scholars and the more the students can define their own cultural space and identification. Language can be described as marker of culture, therefore greater scope means higher fluidity.

Well-liked culture, which in turn meant American culture particularly in most of the world in the 1970s and in the newest state with the Union, is usually extremely important for the central characters of the book, which might in the beginning seem for odds with the drive for independence as well as the self-creation of identity. Once one looks at the specific portions of pop culture that these character types admire and emulate, however , it becomes very clear that the romance is more sophisticated than seems like on the surface area. Though American culture was the dominant tradition at the time and so the one that might seem to provide the best pressure to conformity, it was also a lifestyle that burdened individuality, freedom, and the libido that was burgeoning in the characters during their early age of puberty. When these schoolchildren imitate Charlie’s Angels, they are not merely idolizing American television character types but rather happen to be emulating solid and independent figures which can be at once outcasts yet that are revered for talents and actions. These are the details that the children are truly searching for – away from bounds of conformity, but within the range of value – and it is truly just in American pop culture that these kinds of possibilities exist. They certainly do not exist in “real” American culture anywhere that might be found, nor inside the more diverse yet still culturally-pressurized world of Honolulu in the early 1970s.

Rolling the R’s handles many of the same themes of heavier post-colonial literature, nevertheless from an extremely different perspective. Rather than the partage of identification being presented solely like a barrier, it provides the heroes of this book with many opportunities. This as well exposes someone to a fresh appreciation for language and culture.

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