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Rizal had his early education in Calamba and Binan. It was a typical schooling which a son of an ilustrado family received during his period, characterized by the four R’s- reading, producing, arithmetic, and religion.

Instructions was rigid and tight. Knowledge was forced into the minds from the pupils by using the wearisome memory method aided by the teacher’s whip. Regardless of the defects with the Spanish approach to elementary education, Rizal could acquire the important instruction basic for university work in Manila. It may be declared Rizal, who was born an actual weakling, flower to become an intellectual huge not as a result of, but rather despite, the outmoded and backward system of instructions obtaining in the Philippines over the last decades of Spanish program. Since boyhood Rizal recognized the value of great education.

His exile in Dapitan gave him a chance to put into practice his educational tips. In 1893, he established a school which existed before the end of his relegation in July 1896. That began with three learners and in the course of time the registration increased to 16 and later 21. In the letter to Blumentritt upon March 13, Rizal stated that he had of sixteen pupils in his school and these learners did not pay any educational costs. Instead of recharging them, he made them work in his garden, fields and construction projects in the community.

Rizal taught this boys browsing, writing, different languages (Spanish and English), location, history, mathematics arithmetic and geometry), commercial work, characteristics study, probe and gymnastics. He skilled them tips on how to collect individuals of crops and family pets, to appreciate work, and “behave just like men”. Formal classes were conducted between 2: 00 to some: 00 S. M. In Ateneo, the best pupil was called a great “emperor” and he sat at the head in the bench although the poorest pupil occupies the end with the bench. During recess the pupils developed fires in the garden drive an automobile away the insects, pruned the fruit trees, and manured the garden soil.

Outside the course hours, Rizal encouraged those to play games to be able to strengthen all their bodies. They’d gymnastics, boxing, wrestling, stone-throwing, swimming, arnis (native fencing), and sailing.

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