Respect telephone business essay

PDS continuous to survey operating failures due to a lot of issues just like delay of Equipment Deliveries, workers commended larger salary than expected, Issues to find consumers, Storage space which is used for keeping the apparatus was high, high rent and tools purchase cost, Limitation upon service featuring cost pertaining to parent business and charges which is directed at the corporate support by the respect Telephone Organization.

After analyzing the shows and the connection between the prestige telephone company and prestige data services To obtain the Mr.

Rowe that Mr. Rowe will need to give a few privilege to PDS in the event of rent expenses and the PTS should go over the features which given by corporate services. PTC and PDS will need to manage their particular sales office together so that it become simple for them to present service to the clients in the case of data keeping, accounting therefore the individual expense will be limited.

Secondly I would recommend Mr. Rowe regarding support providing several hours as following analyzing the total revenue and total hours in survey of initially quarter there exists a huge gap of several hours in between these two’s If perhaps they decide to work about 550-600 several hours in different shifts and repair of the computer is completed on nonworking days and utilize leftover hours intended for service featuring they can increase their revenue several hours per month.

Relating to improved confirming / accounting format I would be preferring the graphic representation to get revenue hours as it is simple to study graphically how a large number of hours been actually use for intra company as well as for commercial uses and on the other hand the financial report will be provided in percentage format mainly because it will become easy to calculate several important figures and generate some plan action upon that.

As per the first quarter report in exhibit you the PDS showing a few positive increase in their revenue hours even as we compare month Jan and March this proves the organization is successful to provide good service as the bit challenging to get these kinds of a result within stages. Therefore after viewed such a improvement the corporation should get even more period of time to further improve his performance and fulfill the revenue several hours with total hours.

And since the PDS is the parent company they have to give several costing advantage in below cases they might overcome several losses in which they are invested in different portions like rent of the space for storage and wage issues towards the personnel and at other hand since the PDS is not in a open public sector so they can increase their service charges and make a few profit through it by giving efficient in order to the clientele.


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