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Now that we now have defined the problem, we have a definite idea of the actual approach has to be. We have a vision and all the results that are obtained from this analysis will be used on our problem.

The first step in each of our research style is featuring a number of possible reasons that may cause each of our sales level to land. This will format the different hypothesizes that need to be searched. Once this is done, we all will start with primary exploration. In this we will look by our earlier sales documents, customer opinions, suggestions, complaints, and other info that has been previously collected. All the data from this will become analyzed fully detail and this analysis is going to vaguely determine where the trouble lies and also help in creating a basis of our future exploration.

The primary analysis will not determine what exactly is the reason for the fall in level of revenue. For this, we must go in the marketplace and interact with the customers who also matter the most. A quick and concise questionnaire will be developed which will incorporate questions that deal with the several hypothesis which were identified previous. Our audience will be determined and a survey will probably be carried out outside the house any retail complex.

A retail center has been chosen as the location as a result of reason our target audience could be easily identified there. This technique will also make certain that the participants are randomly selected. They will be asked to fill out the questionnaire that was developed.

The qualitative and quantitative info has to be converted into information and for this it takes to be reviewed. The analysis is very important while this will solution our study problem. If this sounds not completed accurately industry research that was carried out will be unnecessary and will certainly not benefit the organization at all.

Last but not least, the correct speculation will be accepted and the relax will be refused.

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