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When it comes to IPv6 there are a lot of topics that can be discussed.

It will change the Net forever to be sure it. IPv4 is the last version of protocol utilizing a 32 little bit address space whereas IPv6 will be employing 128 bits of hexadecimal responding to to allow for significantly more details. Currently IPv4 allows about 4, 294, 967, 296 possible tackles and with the current allocation techniques it limits the number of public address to a few hundred million. In contrast, the 128 tad address space that IPv6 uses can offer roughly three or more.

4 times 1038 likely addresses. The sheer size of the IPv6 address allows for the subdividing of the addresses into a hierarchical routing structure that subsequently can reveal the current topology of the Internet. This will offer great versatility for the addressing and routing in the foreseeable future where the IPv4 obviously lacks in comparison.

It could hard to imagine a world in which we perform have ever again Internet addresses to go around. This could hopefully solve that issue, at least for a while to come. Once configuring DHCP on Apache to use IPv6 one should be sure that they have everything in order. The two the majority of used means of auto configuration IPS are recorded the router advertisement and dhcpv6. While you are using the RA a hardware daemon has to advertise a network prefix which is typically a /64, gateway and frequently a DNS server.

Then the Client machines can car configure their IPv6 details when they include initialized a bootup based upon their current MAC addresses using EUI64. When dealing with the same scenario with dhcpv6, dynamic or static address can continually be assigned to the present client equipment. Unfortunately the gateways may not be assigned because of the design of the dhcpv6 protocol. If you need to use dhcpv6 you have to work with RA. You are able to configure RA to advertise only the gateway leaving the IP and DNS server construction all to the dhcpv6, or only the DNS servers.

In order to run dhcpd in IPv6 mode you need to add a -6 discussion. The disputes should establish the setup file and lease record. Here is a good example of a new venture command; /usr/sbin/dhcp -6 cd/etc/dhcpd6. conf lf/var/state/dhcpd6. leases eth1. The -6 enables the IPv6 mode and the cf defines the IPv6 settings file.

Here’s an example of the dhcpd6. conf; # dhcpd6. conf authoritative; option dhcp6. name-servers 2001; db8; 1; 1;; 2 hundred; option dhcp6. domain-search internal. 1an’; To conclude, I hope any time this you comprehend why IPv6 is such a game changer and why it is important for our world going forward. Without it our planet would vanish and everything would prevent.

Obviously IPv4 is still around and you will be for a few more years, however the days of convinced that IPv4 would last forever or definitely as well as it’s coming back something new will hopefully keep going for a little longer. Sources //

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