Research on Amanda Todd: Cyberbullying Essay

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  • Published: 10.17.19
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Todd’s suicide received widespread, international media insurance coverage, much of including a link to Todd’s YouTube video and an email address offered by the RCMP appealing for information from the open public. Within twenty four hours of the appeal, over 400 tips had been received.[9] The RCMP provides stated that its research was impeded by the amount of bogus information in online postings after Todd’s death, and scams professing to raise funds for her friends and family. Amanda Jake, a 15-year-old Canadian schoolgirl hanged their self, last week, after years of unrelenting abuse by simply peers and online predators, one of who persuaded her to expensive her breasts and then distributed the picture all over the world.

In a personal video submitted to the internet weeks before her death, Amanda told her tale of “struggling, bullying, committing suicide, self-harm”. The sexual intimidation of women and girls on-line is not a new happening and Amanda’s story is definitely not strange. A quick search shows hundreds of comparable videos of tormented small women across the world telling personal tales of loneliness and abuse, generally by bullies who use the internet to ogle and harass women and young ladies with impunity. What is unusual is that this week, a fight began.

Since her suicide, more than one mil Facebook users have “liked” Todd’s Facebook memorial webpage.[9][33][34] Mingled among the list of positive support and responses are carrying on attack blogposts and images by strangers and others claiming to become her ex – classmates, for example a message proclaiming “I’m thus happy she’s dead now. ” [9] After one particular man’s derogatory Facebook remarks about Todd’s death were reported to his employer, the Grafton-Fraser Mr. Big & Extra tall clothing cycle confirmed that he was will no longer an employee

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