Psychological effects on women victims of domestic violence Essay

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Campbell, Jacquelyn un “Intimate Partner Violence and Physical well being Consequences”. Records of Internal Medicine 162i 10 Content 7 (2002) The research was: “Intimate Partner Violence and Physical Health Consequence” in which researchers were examining just how violence affects a woman’s short term too long term physical wellbeing.

This study investigated the area of abused and non mistreated women examined the two groups for physical problems. Mistreated cases, both physically and or sexually were 201. This kind of research utilized Abuse Analysis Screen in the measurements (Wisner, 1999). Actions of physical abuse was done by way of use of Callier physical sign and harm scale, that will need a woman to find out whether she has been to a physician or nurse due to one of the 25 circumstances related to home-based violence (Wisner, 1999).

The results confirmed that women endured more physical disorders because of abuse (Wisner, 1999). This sort of disorders were found to feature headaches, back pain treatments, STD s i9000, vaginal bleeding, oral infections, pelvic pain, painful intercourse, urinary tract infections, appetite damage, abdominal discomfort as well as an issue with digestion, long conditions effects were found to happen due to recurring central nervous system signals such as head aches, back pain, fading and hallucinations (Wisner, 1999). Domestic assault is associated with problems with the cardiovascular system, heart disease among others The importance of this analyze is that it provides clue on how women will be fatally threatened by domestic violence (Wisner, 1999).

Illnesses such as cardiovascular system and blood pressure are among the serial monster diseases in the society (women). This study relates to this topic for the reason that psychological effects are supplementary to physical effects. As an example, where a girl gets her back broken as a result of household violence, set up back heals she is still psychologically impacted by the recollections of this challenge for the rest of her life (Wisner, 1999). Upcoming implications of the study happen to be that it is very important to the public to get educated about matters relating to domestic violence.

There is also the need to provide better medical attention to women of domestic assault, that is, there should be well trained medical professionals to deal with girl patients involved with domestic assault (Wisner, 1999). This would mean increased costs on health planners (Wisner, 1999). Guide Wisner, C., Gilmer, Big t., Saltzman, T., Zinc. T (1999). Close Partner Assault Against Girls.

Do victims cost health plans more? Journal of Family Practice, June.

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