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Executive Summary

A great on-site health and fitness center for The state of texas Instruments will prove to be beneficial to the company along with its workers. Studies show that employees who also exercise regularly will be more productive, effective, and nice to work with. The state of texas Instruments gets the capability to maximize employee preservation, recruitment, and revenues by purchasing a fitness center through Health Fitness Corporation.

Well being Fitness Organization provides on-site fitness centers pertaining to numerous exclusive companies such as Best Buy and Federal Share. The positive interactions and effects have more than qualified Wellness Fitness Firm to provide Texas Instruments using a unique center, designed to satisfy all of their personal needs.

Among Well being Fitness Corporations services happen to be state-of-the-art tools, the latest healthcare products, an educated staff, niche classes, and employee incentive programs.

The project will probably be divided into four phases, every single with a particular purpose and timeline to attain a specific target.

Phase I (Research and Development) This several month phase will involve analyzing the needs and desires of Tx Instruments staff.

Phase 2 (Bidding and Structural Construction) This five month period involves selecting the most appropriate contractor and building the facility.

Period III (Interior Development) This kind of two month phase calls for renovating the interior of the facility to meet Texas Instruments custom desires.

Phase IV (Trial Period) This one month process involves staffing the service and rendering training within the exercise equipment.

Health Fitness Corporation offers two standard packages. Package A is less expensive to implement, nevertheless Package B offers higher revenues. After analyzing Tx Instruments, we believe that Bundle B could be the most beneficial for the company. Not simply will this kind of investment increase the financial position of Tx Instruments, but it really will also develop stronger staff relationships. For every single dollar Texas Instruments buys this task, they will recognize a greater increase in employee efficiency.

A large number of forward-thinking businesses are offering on-site fitness centers to their employees.

Texas Tools must sign up for this trend or their very own company will probably be left behind in employee recruitment and preservation. Health Exercise Corporation will help secure Arizona Instruments management in the technology industry for many years to arrive.

Proposal to spread out an On-site Fitness Center intended for Texas Tools through Overall health Fitness Company



Texas Instruments, Incorporated has been a leader in offering the most recent and top quality technologies seeing that 1930. One of many contributions to the success of Texas Musical instruments is it is involvement in providing the United States with the gear to remain one of the most technologically advanced nation. Success such as this is a result of diligence on the part of the management in addition to the employees. With all the rapid progression of technology, however , America lost program a few more crucial aspects of living such as overall health.

The year 2004 features presented alone with a beat. More and more People in the usa are arriving at the realization that good overall health is the key to living the excellent life. A great deal of significance will be placed on the and wellbeing of our nation as a whole. In order to maintain a healthy, hardworking staff, Texas Devices must ensure that each employee is performing towards the best of their ability.


Healthy staff have been proven to be more productive and efficient for the company for which they work. With this knowledge, different companies, which includes Texas Tools competitor, Casio, have created on-site overall health centers for employees.

After doing so, Casio experienced regular growth and increased worker satisfaction. Texas Instruments is definitely missing out on this opportunity for expansion and extended employee interactions. By simply purchasing a health centre, Texas Devices will increase enrolling, employee preservation, and overall company development.


The following proposal will certainly elaborate on the remunerations of opening a great on-site health center to get the Arizona Instruments site in Based in dallas and on the benefits of doing this task through Wellness Fitness Corporation. Included is usually an overview of Texas Instruments current status, an explanation in the benefits to both the workers and the organization of Tx Instruments, and a schedule of how easily and quickly this job may be performed. There is also a quick description of the success Well being Fitness Company has delivered to other companies, accompanied by financial information about the gains Arizona Instruments can anticipate to see upon completion.

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