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The first poem we examined was Strongman by Tony Curtis. The poem involved a father and kid relationship as well as the fathers future death. Inside the first passage the child talks about his memories of when he was a child and used to play with his father. He details him to be superhuman and you will tell by the description plus the way he talks about his father that he appears up to him. In the second verse the son says that his father has evolved from staying very strong to being weakened and now this individual has to take care of him.

This individual describes him as being just like plywood, which can be very weakened whereas in the first sentirse he says he has a upper body like a clip or barrel, so he is now much weaker than he used to be. The mood in the first passage is a happy mood while the son talks about his father playing with him fantastic brothers. This mood is usually shown by writer expressing, home via work, will stretch his arms and hang his five sons from them, turning like a roundabout. He is getting described as a roundabout, the industry fun factor for children.

Inside the second passage it is a sad mood since his daddy is about to die and is poor, this is displayed by the series, slipped under a frame of bones just like plywood. This suggests his fathers bone fragments have become just like plywood, which can be saying they are really very poor. The poet person wants to share with us in which gets outdated and less strong. He is telling us the relationship between father and son offers swapped. Their very own has been a swap in jobs as the father used to always be the solid one who would look after his son nevertheless he is now weak therefore his boy is now taking care of him and having to carry out everything pertaining to him.

Thorough Analysis The title Strongman is beneficial as it is tightly related to the poem. It is relevant as in the poem the son is talking about how much physical durability his dad had. He admits that things like, turning like a roundabout, which suggests having been big and turned as being a roundabout would, which is using a lot of electricity. He as well says his father contains a chest like a barrel, which provides the impression he is extensive and sturdy and these kinds of words will be associated with the term strong. Passage one emphasises the dads physical power by giving the impression that he is a superhero.

Additionally, it says this individual has a upper body like a clip or barrel and that he is known as a carpenter. This kind of suggests he could be like real wood, which is a very secure and the metaphor of wooden is used once again when the writer says, with a neck that was like holding on to a forest. He is talking about him to be like real wood, which makes him seem incredibly broad and solid. The wood metaphor has been prolonged in the second verse, but this time through the father is now weaker now the kid looking after him so the writer describes his bones as a frame of bones just like plywood, the weak type of wood.

It’s the final hour and his kid is having to accomplish everything intended for him. To lift him to the lavatory. The kid, who was once lifted by simply his daddy, is now having to lift his father just to go to the toilet. He is helpless, and his kid knows that thus he says to him, No difficulty, no trouble Father. He is likewise reassuring him, direct talk. The last collection is very psychological and also effective as it uses the second person. You stated. It is as if somebody is usually relating this and by applying you instead of I works better. The stopping is also psychological and sad as he died in the support of your hands.

It enables you to think of just how huge the sheer comparison from the initial stanza exactly where his father is extremely actually strong to the second stanza where the child is having to complete every little thing to get him after which he passes away right before him, in the arms. Response I think the poem was very effective and it made it easier to understand more regarding its styles. It do this by simply showing the large difference involving the two stanzas and also by the great information it offered of when the father was very wide-ranging and powerful to when he was older and weak.

It also helped by displaying that the daddy and boy have changed positions is obviously. I think the most crucial line or sentence was, slipped under a frame of bones like plywood. I think this is the most significant line since when you go through in the 1st verse about him being thus physically strong and employing wood to explain him then you see that he describes him as being a frame of bones like plywood you actually see the big difference in the father from the initially stanza towards the second!

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