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The poetry of Judith Wright conveys a very good sense of? Australian Identity’. This is apparent though Wright’s strong connection to the sea, using descriptions and personifications in the sea. Wright’s?

Australian Identity’ is strongly established through poetry with her make use of ideas which may have become identifiable with the Aussie stereotype: what individuals recognise as being uniquely? Australian’. This includes the description in the stereotypical Aussie beach landscape and the perceptions shown by the surfer and in many cases the browse in the poem: characteristics recognised as? typically Australian’. These types of features of her poetry have established Wright being a truly?

Australian’ poet. The surf, “grey-wolf sea” seated on the “whitened pebbles and shells” happen to be images which have been recognised as Australian and part of the Aussie identity. The surfer too is instantly recognisable as typical Foreign character. He’s described as “brown” and this individual has “muscle”? he is the stereotype of the sun kissed, muscular web surfer.

The use of these types of ideas which have become typically Australian show Judith Wright as a great Australian poet person which in turn shows the Australian identity. Judith Wright has a strong connection to the Australian beach, as well as the ideas the lady conveys through her poetry are very much steeped in nature. This link to the Australian sea immediately distinguishes Wright while an Aussie poet.

The Australian connection to the sea and surf is reflected inside the repetition of “muscle” to describe both the web surfer and the trend expresses the surfer’s connection to the say and to nature. This connection is further more emphasised by the personification in the wave through “long muscle tissue of water”. The connection of the two surfer and Wright for the sea specifies Wright because Australian and reflects Australian’s strong backlinks to the ocean.?

Australian’ attributes are not demonstrated only simply by Wright very little, but simply by characters in her poetry. In The Web surfer, Wright uses assonance (“those” and “foam”) to describe the wave. This has the effect of creating a long and lazy bit of sound images for someone.

The laconic nature with the wave is the same as the typical Australian? laid back’ spirit supplying Wright’s poetry an Aussie flavour and so on contribute tremendously to Wright’s recognition to be an Australian poet.

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