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deliberations – deeply thoughtful, philosophical ponderings – about touring through existence and coming across troubling decisions, then requesting questions vis-a-vis those decisions. Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” happens to be the road that was used, although the loudspeaker assures the reader that it was a tough decision. And Rossetti’s “Uphill” the presenter is unsure of the future although must keep traveling even though at the conclusion of the journey the light can be fading. Equally poems adopt the confusion and even uncertainty about the near future, and the two are reflective of – and in a real approach they reflect – just how life moves along through time and why intelligent, considerate people may have fear of the future and is troubled regarding how and why the near future will be kind or unkind to the person.


Poem One (Frost): Frost’s presenter lets someone know in the first stanza that he could be in a bit of any quandary as to which road to take. “Long I was standing, ” this individual writes, appearing a bit like an older person. His lines seem to add a theme of an old person since older people will be known to have got trouble creating their minds, at least they are known to be confused (at least momentarily) by choices in front of them. Older people have considerable time on their hands so that clarifies why the speaker is within no hurry to choose a path to have. Moreover the speaker maintains reminding you that the streets are equal, and yet that they aren’t, which in turn comes across since equivocation that a person might relate with an older person. The theme after that leads a reader to surmise that although the speaker has relatively vacillated over which path / road to take – though they appear to be equally attractive to the eye – in the end the proper decision was performed.

Poem Two (Rossetti): An alert reader may well perceive both speakers in Rossetti’s composition as being young and old. The 1st speaker could be a young tone of voice and the tone of voice that answers seems wise and packed with good advice. The journey in this poem is possibly a metaphor for life’s journey, not simply to a lodge (inn) but for maturity and possibly death. Just about every question could be interpreted as being a younger person asking a mature person the actual journey in maturity is going to entail. The queue, “A roof top for if the slow darker hours start, ” seems to be suggesting that after a person gets about in years and decreases, and the mild is beginning vanish, that is certainly old age. “May not the darkness cover it from my face? ” The young presenter asks, as well as the wise voice answers, “You cannot miss that resort, ” which could be a metaphor for the simple fact that we all grow old as well as the end with the trail for everyone will be obvious.

Depictions in the Fathers

Composition One (Frost): The truth about dads is that during their lifetimes they have been obligated to make choices. At times they have hesitated and contemplated what decision to make; for instance , should I inspire my kid to take this one path to adult life, or maybe I should urge him to take a different sort of path to his future? Fathers are not usually rational both

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