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In the book, Plantation Mistress (Clinton, 1984) simply by author Catherine Clinton, it would appear that Clinton would like to express her disapproval for the manner by which women had been treated therefore harshly.

She covers maids delivered to our region during the year 1620 and in Clinton’s writing, it is rather interesting just how she collected her data for this book from albhabets that were drafted so many yrs ago, and even coming from diaries, indicating that women from that ancient time frame weren’t treated as means in the profound South in addition to this slave era and time in our history, the writer relays to her readers that there is evidence that cruelty do take place toward women and methods such as applying females while workhorses shouldn’t have been appropriate in any time frame. Also, several of these women called mistresses weren’t taken care of properly and didn’t even get the necessary and basic basics, such as appropriate toiletries or food.

They were treated just like second category citizens and weren’t viewed as good because men. We collect a fresh appreciation to get maids as we read Clinton’s writing and feel repent for those who was required to suffer because of neglect and misunderstanding. Clinton teaches us that all humans were produced as means and all women and the slaves from that same time period had been regarded below human.

It’s interesting to be able to browse some of those outdated letters that had been written numerous years ago so that we have a greater appreciation for females who were living on these plantations inside the deep To the south. REFERENCE PAGE Clinton, Catherine. (1984). Plantation Mistress.


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