Philosophy of Early Childhood Essay

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My philosophy of Early childhood education is founded on research that indicates a child’s expansion is developing. Every child is unique regarding life experience, developmental readiness, and social heritage.

An exceptional early the child years program that gives a safe and nurturing environment, which encourages physical, cultural, emotional, language and intellectual development will make sure a positive continuation of the child’s education process. The Countrywide Association to get the Education of Young Children states that superior quality, developmentally appropriate programs needs to be available for most children. Bredekamp, S., and T. Rosegrant. 1992.

Reaching Potentials: Intro. In H. Bredekamp and R. Rosegrant (Eds. ). Reaching Possibilities: Appropriate Curriculum and Examination for Young kids, * vol. 1, pp. 2-8.

Buenos aires, D. C.: National Affiliation for the Education of Children. This is a statement that I firmly believe in and hope to include in my educating career. Young children before the age of eight, have an enormous potential for growth and achievement. In fact it is my viewpoint that they have to right to fulfill all their possibilities. A child who is nurtured to reach regarding educational desired goals from an early age and has been instilled with self-assurance will still pursue educational goals when he or the girl matures. installment payments on your I have found that an early years as a child teacher hugely impacts the learning experience of the young children vested in his or perhaps her learning environment.

Early on childhood educators make decisions each day how best to present concepts to be learned, precisely what is appropriate for a specific child considering the fact that each kid comes to the training center coming from diverse experience and needs and how to nurture and support developing development in each child. As an earlier childhood educator I would strive to provide info in a imaginative manner, engage children in discovery and mastery of concepts and skills, foster development of enjoy, and engender positive interpersonal interaction between myself and the children. a few conceptual versions that impact my viewpoint of teaching: 1 . John Dewey.

What I discover of interest in Dewey’s theory is that ” Childhood has ways of viewing, thinking, and feeling, distinct to by itself. http://www. marxists. org/archive/novack/works/1960/x03. htm Dewey strongly suggested that the have to know comes from inside the child. Every child has a innate fascination that should be nurtured and produced. He presumed that children learn getting into. This theory is beneficial in an early years as a child setting while that it stimulates children to explore areas of interest and to artistically expand the ability.

2 . Jean Piaget: His research demonstrates children cognitively develop in stages. His theory is definitely the foundation pertaining to constructivist learning. Piaget’s theory emphasizes breakthrough learning and supporting the developing hobbies of the kid utilizing this kind of theory in early childhood education I would I challenge the child’s abilities, but not present material or perhaps information that is certainly too far past the child’s level. I would also use a wide variety of concrete experience to help the child learn. several.

Maria Montessori: The Montessori method of teaching stresses that all children have got similar requirements regardless of social status or intellectual capabilities. The Montessori Method is a means about considering who children are. It is a viewpoint that values the unique personality of each kid. By utilizing this process, the shows does not evaluate a child to norms or perhaps standards which might be measured by traditional educational systems.

Yet instead this kind of theory is definitely founded on the belief that children must be free to do well and learn with out restriction or perhaps criticism. Up coming part of problem I believe that every child ought to enter a beginning childhood classroom with the requirement that he or she could have a good working day. It sounds straightforward but in fact it is intricate. As an early education teacher I will be interacting with children who also are coming with diverse skills, learning talents, social, mental and physical development. Will probably be a challenge in order to meet the requirements and be encouraging of this variety.

In order to flourish in this objective, my class room would be pleasant to the kid. How is this accomplished? Child sized household furniture placed in areas for your children to work with projects; carpet areas in order that the children may creatively and comfortably perform or check out books; a place with sufficient supplies to intrigue producing imaginations; colorful posters to help make the room visually pleasing to a young child.

Nevertheless environment is merely part of the educational experience that I would strive to show early students. Given what I have learned about the different ways in which children master and develop, lessons shown would engage the diverse learning methods of the children to ensure that each will be lead to understanding to the best of his or her capability. Young children develop best if they experience acknowledgement of who they are, no matter what their abilities are.

As an earlier childhood instructor I would make an effort to not only allow my learners know that they may be part of the class room community, although that they are an important and crucial member of the class.

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