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Personal Matter by Kenzaburo Oe [… ] how the name “bird” represents you will of the primary character and describe how his name corresponds to the actions he will take throughout the book. It will also go over if having been ever in a position to outgrow the nickname. “Bird” is the excellent name to get a character that flits from person to person, flies away when times are hard, and dreams of migrating to Africa to receive away from his troubles at home. Bird is definitely not looking forward to fatherhood or maybe a family, and so he abandons the “nest” for revelry and excess, until he finally takes responsibility to get his activities, and storage sheds his years as a child nickname permanently.

Bird” may be the nickname with the main personality in “A Personal Matter. ” He could be so much just like a bird that he possibly looks like a bird, while the author records early inside the story. This individual writes, “It wasn’t just that his hunched shoulder blades were just like folded wings, his features in general had been birdlike” (Oe 3). Over the novel, mcdougal compares Chicken to his namesake, occasionally subtly, and frequently not so subtly. When he meets his granparents at the clinic to find out about the child, Oe creates, “He shivered, not violently as in the driveway, good results . the helplessness of a weakened chick” (Oe 17). Thus, throughout the book, the reader are unable to forget Bird’s characteristics wonderful weaknesses. He is a chicken, and a bird at that. He is struggling to take on the realities of life because he is certainly not mature enough to handle them. He is even now a chick that has not found the strength to leave the nesting, and relies on others to mask his pain fantastic naive youthful lack of experience and commitment.

Many of Chickens characteristics match those of the parrots he is named after, from his appearance towards the way this individual takes trip after he leaves his baby on the new hospital. He is soaring away from his troubles, and acting as though he neglects them, they will disappear for the wind. Not only does this represents just how Bird is much like his namesakes, who travel away on the wind, this shows how immature he can, and how he may be 27 years old, but he is really still a boy. He would somewhat fly away than have responsibility intended for his “vegetable” son, plus the only thing that gives him pleasure can be running faraway from responsibility. Actually his actions mimic regarding a fowl. He is often tentative, cumbersome, and gawky, just like an ungainly bird on land. He even reacts to difficulty like a parrot – regurgitating up his whiskey such as a bird regurgitates dinner for young. He could be unable to confront his relatives or his ruined kid, and just like males in numerous bird people, he leaves the family members alone to fend on their own, while he could be off buying a new girl.

There is one other characteristic that shows Parrot is like his namesake, as well as worse. Throughout the story, you will find small , occasionally subtle recommendations to animalian violence. For example , “Abruptly, like hatred acquired grown excessive for him, he little into Himiko’s neck exactly where it joined her glenohumeral joint. Again she screamed” (Oe 86). These small , intimate moments show that Parrot is more a creature than a gentleman, and that he provides violent inclinations like an pet. He is unable to face his fears

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