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I have come to a justification in life that many people have not really. I have built a firm decision to recommit myself to pursuing my own dreams.

During your stay on island are those who believe that with an ounces of good luck and a bunch of persistence anything at all can be completed, I believe that there is no explanation to make use of so much strength and depend on luck. I believe in acquiring hold of my destiny and carving away a future pertaining to myself based on the decisions that I make in life. Life is simply too brief and also precious to be left to luck only. This is why I use chosen to continue in the quest for my degree in Geography at UC in Washington dc.

There have been so many opportunities anytime that I have never been able to take advantage of because of the competition of the office. I believe that the experience and background of mine may help me follow this dream. Being an qualified in this study course is only the beginning of a long voyage for me. I realize that it will not really be easy and I look ahead to that obstacle.

In the short term, I realize myself concluding this level and gratifying the requirements with this course. I really believe that this experience will be sufficient to prepare me personally for the next stage which is trying to get a good internship position that could give me the courses that I need. I sooner or later plan to pursue larger desired goals such as having a doctoral level and perhaps starting my own business. As the world continues to transform and the place of work becomes more and more challenging and competitive, it might be imperative for any person looking for a powerful career to not only have the drive to succeed but as well the training and expertise to accomplish this.

Being able to encounter all these wonderful and wonderful cultures has created me to get more open-minded on delicate subjects or people. One particular tends to offer people the main benefit of the uncertainty first simply no prejudgment. Couple of years of my own high school had been spent surviving in Malaysia, which will caused me to appreciate most cultures. We am assured, therefore , which the rich and diverse academic community in UC will definitely be the right place for me to learn and be prepared to get the challenges that rest ahead. Presented my encounters in life and being a thorough student, I’ve personally knowledgeable how much very good work ethic can easily contribute to the advancement of one’s dream.

I’ve worked tirelessly in the pursuit of my education because it is stated that the one thing that nobody can at any time take away a person is the education, and that is the one thing that we plan to not only gain intended for myself nevertheless for others too. I have discovered from my parents the crucial importance of legislation of giving, and I i am both attracted and committed to this model of community support, particularly that students apply skills to effect cultural change. A student, I think that my personal experiences as a have shown my own commitment to community support for this is a testament to the character of my mother, a living testimonial to the goodwill i would like to discuss.

As Eleanor Roosevelt when said, The future belongs to those who trust in the beauty of their particular dreams.

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