Persepolis changing western awareness of muslim

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Marjane Satrapi’s graphic novel, Persepolis, makes crucial strides toward altering how Western audiences perceive Iranian women. Satrapi endeavors to display the intersection of the lives of a few Westerners with her life as a great Iranian, who have spent some time in the West. Satrapi, dissatisfied with representations the lady saw of Iranian girls in Italy, decided to problem them. In her words, “From the time I reached France in 1994, I was always showing stories regarding life in Iran to my friends. We’d see items about Usa on television, nevertheless they didn’t stand for my experience at all.

I had to hold saying, ‘No, it’s nothing like that right now there. ‘ Seems justifying why it isn’t unfavorable to be an Iranian for nearly twenty years. Just how strange because it isn’t anything I did or chose to become?  (Satrapi, “Why I Wrote Persepolis 10). In acknowledging both Eastern and Western feminism, Satrapi’s story humanizes the female Iranian perspective in a way that can simply digested simply by Western viewers.

This novel will act as an autoethnographic text, a term termed by Mary Louise Pratt, in which Persepolis acts as “a text in which persons undertake to spell out themselves in manners that build relationships representations others have made of them (Pratt 35). This kind of novel, which will depicts her life to date, demonstrates a mastery with the spaces of representation.

As one theorist has contended, “In talking about Persepolis with regards to the theme of women and space, we will draw upon a framework recommended by Pollock for studying the work of women artists¦Pollock identifies three spatial registers: first, the places represented by work (and, in particular, the division between public and space), second, the space order inside the work alone (concerning, for example , angl.. and changed European perceptions in doing so.

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