Panic Attack Outline Essay

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II. Thesis Declaration A. Panic Attacks can occur without notice, even while sleeping. B. I would really like to discuss this disabling condition and how a lot of people go undiagnosed and without treatment. (Ebell) 1 ) But if you’ve had recurrent, unexpected anxiety and panic attacks and spent long periods in constant fear of another harm, you may have a disorder called panic disorder. 2 . Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia, in which people experience seemingly out-of-the-blue panic attacks. a. Occasionally they produce a fear of going into places where they may have had earlier panic attacks.

About one in 3 people with panic disorder develops agoraphobia. b. They stick to locations they consider safe, and prevent public locations (such as malls, train locomotives, and stadiums) where get away may be difficult. c. A lot of people develop a set route or territory, and it may become impossible so they can travel beyond their basic safety zones devoid of suffering serious anxiety. (A. P. A. ) M. Panic attacks were once dismissed as nervousness or stress, but they’re now understood as a genuine medical condition. 1 . Although can considerably affect your quality of life, treatment can be extremely effective.

2 . A person with panic disorder may become disheartened and feel ashamed because he or perhaps she are unable to carry out normal routines like going to the supermarket or traveling. Having anxiety disorder can also affect school or perhaps work. 4. When to visit a doctor. A. If you have any kind of panic attack symptoms, seek medical help immediately.

1 . Anxiety and panic attacks are hard to manage by yourself, and they could get worse with no treatment. 2 . And because panic attack symptoms can also appear like other serious health problems, for instance a heart attack, it’s important to get evaluated by your health care provider in the event you aren’t sure what’s leading to your symptoms. B. Early treatment can frequently prevent agoraphobia, but individuals with panic disorder may well sometimes move from doctor to doctor for years and visit the emergency room repeatedly just before someone effectively diagnoses their very own condition.

1 . This is unlucky, because anxiety disorder is one of the the majority of treatable of all of the anxiety disorders, reacting in most cases to certain kinds of medication or certain sorts of cognitive psychotherapy, which help modify thinking habits that lead to fear and anxiety. (Ebell) installment payments on your First, speak to your doctor with regards to your symptoms. Your medical professional should do an exam to be sure that another physical problem isn’t causing the symptoms. A doctor may pertain you to a mental health specialist. V. Triggers VI.

Risk Factors A. Symptoms of anxiety attacks often begin in the overdue teens or perhaps early adulthood and influence more women than men. N. Factors which may increase the likelihood of developing panic attacks or panic disorder include: IX. In Conclusion A. Panic Attacks are very real and can happen to any person at any given time.

N. Be aware of your self and everyone around you; never know when a panic and anxiety attack can occur. Virtually any Questions?

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