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Shakespeare’s tragic hero, Othello, is a solid, powerful, and dignified Moor. He has come to Venice, appointed by the Express to help the region win all their war against the Turks. He spent nine months in Venice, wherever his management and attention have made him a popular general. Yet, how can such a strong character become so blinded from the real truth and can only notice the destructive voice of “honest Iago? This can be the result of an in-depth analysis of Othello’s various character flaws. These include his trust in persons, his very little knowledge of women, his tight code of honour, wonderful wild imagination.

There are characteristics about Othello that have an excellent side and a bad side. One of these can be that Othello has an open up and having faith in nature. He believes that a person is honest and honest until they have shown evidence otherwise. In the play, Iago’s lies seem to be so believable that Othello never questions what this individual has to state. This open-hearted trust makes Othello a good and nice friend, however , it also leaves him susceptible to Iago’s scheming. Iago can be extremely clever and manipulative. This individual has misled everyone in to thinking that he’s honest.

One more fault in the character may be attributed to the fact that Othello is naive, particularly regarding women. He remarks in the years offered in armed service camps:  For as these forearms of my very own had seven years’ pith Till at this point some seven moons thrown away, they have employed Their dearest action inside the tented field (1: several: 83-86) Having spent most of his life in military camps, Othello knows little of women and love. Inside the first Act, we master that while Othello was in Venice, he put in much time in the house of a Venetian Senator, Brabantio.

There, his stories of his trips around the world captivated Brabantio’s child, Desdemona. This may lead to a fairy-tale romance as Othello sweeps her away her ft and elopes with her, despite solid objections from her dad. Interestingly, here he confesses to as being a shy and cautious fan. However , in the third Work, we find that Othello’s inexperience allows Iago to persuade him that he will not understand Venetian women, and they are known for cheating on their husbands.

Once again, these kinds of mind-altering phrases make Othello doubt his wife’s purity more. Furthermore, as a professional soldier, Othello has gained a strong popularity. The self-control he features learned provides earned him the admiration of the Venetians, who need his help anxiously. The purpose of firing Cassio was to make an example of him towards the rest of the troops, and Othello refuses to reinstate him like a matter of basic principle. Unfortunately, it can be this rigid code of honour, the two military and, that ultimately pushes Othello to homicide his partner.

Because he feels that Desdemona has cracked her promises, he is convinced that she must right now die. This individual sees loss of life as an act of justice, certainly not of payback. It is painful for him to view his personal wife perish, but this individual feels that he doesn’t always have any other choices. He is a soldier, trained to live by the strict rules. From his travels all over the world, Othello speaks of marvelous and exotic reports about strange people with different customs and unusual appearances. Another conceivable reason for Othello’s downfall is the fact he contains a powerful, poetic imagination.

The stories informed to Desdemona are rich and amazing. As Othello retells the storyplot of his courtship inside the Senate business office, the Fight it out is so hit that this individual understands just how his girl was earned by this kind of stories. Yet, this wealthy imagination contains a handicap, it makes Othello vulnerable to Iago’s stories of Desdemona’s infidelities. His thoughts runs crazy with Iago’s invented specifics and “proofs. Othello is a lot like many people in today’s culture, it is not unheard of to believe in lies. Mainly because Iago is so brilliant, various people will fall into his trap.

One can not declare for certain in the event that his good friend is always speaking the truth. It is sometimes very hard to distinguish the fact from fiction. That they way Othello dealt with his anger and grief was extreme, although given conditions and his mindset at the time, it truly is understood why he would dedicate such a horrendous crime. Knowing that Othello easily trusts in people, he has inexperience with interactions, he features a rigid code of honour, and he contains a wild thoughts, it can the natural way be concluded that these attributes would eventually lead to tragedy.

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