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Interfaces which might be graphical in nature are known either as Visual User Interfaces(GUI) or WIMP interfaces (Windows, Icons, Menus and Pointer). Typically, these kind of interfaces can be found in multi-programming environments or in applications computer software that require a considerable amount of complexity.

In a GUI, you will discover: A ‘window’ for each wide open application. Many windows may be open simultaneously but merely one window may be active at any one time. There could be some way of indicating what type is effective (perhaps by making the bar towards the top of the active window blue). Menus and icons. Available functions can be selected in one of two ways, either by making use of pop-up food selection or drop-down menus, or clicking on ‘icons’.

An icon is simply a little picture that represents a unique function- simply clicking it chooses that function.  A aiming device, generally a mouse but in particular circumstances a graphical tablet and coop can be used. These are generally used to produce selections.

 The use of the keyboard to navigate through the application is minimized because it is comparatively time-consuming method of working.  Natural language. All-natural language interfaces are the ones that allow the customer to connect in their local language, such as English. It allows the user to instruct the pc without requirement of a particular ‘syntax’.

The system needs to be able both equally to understand inputs in natural terminology from the end user, and to act upon them, and, also preferably to generate all-natural language claims in response to user type. Sometimes it is likewise referred being a conversational program. The queries are exhibited on the VDU and the email address details are entered with the keyboard.

For instance , imagine a person has started a ‘save file’ obtain. The ‘conversation’ might be: COMPENSATION: What’s the file term? USER: chapter1. txt COMP: what folder?

USER: userguide COMP: Record already is out there. Overwrite? CONSUMER: Yes COMP: Done. These kinds of interface can be found on data entry terminals and other types of stupid terminals attached to a network where nonexperts users are guided throughout the complex duties they need to execute by the computer system.

 Command series Command primarily based interface is definitely one where user types a series of orders at the keyboard which inform the computer what their intentions are. Additionally it is known as linguistic manipulation. The functions of a command word based program are  the user should know what commands are available  the user has to understand the commands Characteristics of the command based interface 1) The system is very much more available than in the other types of interface. Other interfaces restrict the choices that the customer has available to them.

This can be specifically important for the program manager mainly because different users can only be allowed to have access to particular parts of the system. 2) Control based interfaces can only be used by computer literate persons because the customer need to understand the commands and the uses. 1 . Define precisely what is meant by term operating-system. (2) 2 . Give two reasons why an operating system is likely to be placed on assistance storage instead of in the storage of the pc. (2) 3. Distinguish between a multi-programming and a multi-access operating system. (2) 4. Express what is meant by a sent out system, and offer an advantage of the type of multi-access system on the simple network of devices. (2) a few.

A computer operator takes telephone calls from the public who engagement ring up asking whether a particular item in a catalogue exists. The agent needs to type a series of responses to concerns put to the caller, so the computer can easily check the document and identify whether you will discover any of that item readily available.

Design a screen interface that would be well suited for the operator to use. (4) 6. The technician in charge of maintaining the device in question a few, uses a control line user interface. a) Clarify what is designed by a control line software. (2) b) Give two advantages and one disadvantage to the tech of by using a command range interface rather than menu based interface. (3) Answers: one particular A. -A (suite of) programs…-which run the basic capabilities of the computer… -giving a place in which to perform application software program. A question which in turn begins while using word specify, leaves little or no room pertaining to manoeuvre because it is asking for a regular answer.

This may not be an opportunity to captivate prowess by looking into making up a remedy that is original- there aren’t any. Be aware, also, the fact that three answers have been completely given. Constantly try to give one more response than seems to be required by the question. If you look at a draw scheme pertaining to an assessment paper, the mark details are shown as a pair of bullet items so there is not any reason why you mustn’t do the same.

This style of response helps you to jot down your thoughts easily without getting baffled by the language. The purpose of this examination is usually not to test your ability with English, rather to test your understanding of computing. 2 A. – A complete operating system needs a large amount of storage space that is better utilised in the computer memory space for applications – Storage space of the main system on support storage permits easy updating or changing from one system to a different one particular. Note that the temptation to call the operating system the O. H. has been opposed in the answer. In general, will not use short-hand in your answers.

There are conditions, where the decrease is the accepted form, however your own editions may be ambiguous or, actually, not understood by the evaluator. If you do have to use an decrease, because the term is to be used a number of occasions, give the term in full together with the abbreviation that you would like to use in mounting brackets after that. For example , initially that you make use of the term operating-system write “… operating system (OS)… ” you will be able use OPERATING SYSTEM as often as you like in the remainder of your response.

3. A. – A multi-programming main system is a single where the consumer of the equipment is given the impression that they can carry out several task at a time. – A multi-access main system is 1 where it is possible for more than 1 user to reach the system apparently at the same time. Be aware that there are a large numbers of points that may have been manufactured about both these operating systems, nevertheless most of them would not answer the question.

It is important once answering something starting with ‘distinguish’ to choose details that demonstrate a comparison. some A. – A given away system is one that uses a large number of storage places on distinct machines to maintain software and files. – Access to data can be speeded up since more than one file command can be carried out at a time. For the advantage is asked for it is normal to state inside the question, either explicitly or perhaps implicitly, with what the comparability should be built.

Be careful to give an advantage employing this comparison and not a more generalised one. your five A. – Form type interface – Catalogue amount – Space for the description of goods which will be completed by the computer itself – Spaces for computer to make availability and price – Laid out with spaces for input. Precisely what is just as important allow me to share the things that will not be on the screen. The question makes it quite clear that there is simply no ordering occurring, so areas for identity and address, or technique of payment, are not only going to rating no marks, but will oftimes be penalised mainly because they illustrate that the candidate has not understood the question.

From this type of query it is important to demonstrate that you have used the situation into account. 6 A. a)-Series of commands entered at a screen prompt… -which provide specific instructions towards the computer. b)Advantages: -Entire method is available to the technician -Access to the particular part of the system required is usually gained quicker than applying other types of software. Disadvantage: -The technician must know the orders that are available -The technician must understand the way the system is created so that it could be navigated proficiently. Note. Chinese used in this kind of answer is definitely not the sort of terminology that a applicant will use in an examination.

Don’t worry about this kind of. Answers like “so that you can get around the system” are perfectly appropriate. System Software James Leong Mook Seng.

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