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Learning Issues Section 1 (OKB) a) There was clearly some mention about stakeholders in the complications, who are definitely the stakeholders and what their very own stakes? 1 . Capital market stakeholders In this instance, the capital marketplace shareholder of your firm is usually bank and shareholder. In such a case the aktionar who provides OKB money for OKB business.

The stake of these shareholders is usually to ensure the OKB businesses continues all their operation and will meet the expectation on the capital they had presented. 2 . Akar Enterprise (supplier) Is a main supplier pertaining to OKB Bhd. They supply herbal remedies and root base from the forest of Perak. Their stakes is whether they will able to fill our nees of OKB to continue supply raw material.

3. Customer We know that The Guardian acknowledged OKB to provide its medicinal products to them. If perhaps that factor happen the sales would increase as consumer prefer use OKB products four. Employee We all notice that the OKB’s creation process is definitely carried out physically by the kampung folks. If perhaps OKB recognize the offer from The protector, the process changes to the machine since they will alter it to mix of pills, capsules and liquid-compound forms.

If this happen, they no longer can function for OKB in a manufacturing the products. 5. Government Ministry of wellness is a human body who watch and screen the quality and the safety of products. It is currently mention about the latest markey surveys executed by them, OKB remains to be the mass among buyers.

It displayed that the product is safe to become used. b) What do you think of the comment of the administration about OKB’s Vision & OKB’s accomplishments? I think the vision may not be suitable anymore to face all of the changes of economy nowadays. This is due to, OKB more relies in traditional way and they should come out with a brand new vision that promote abouts its products quality and attract customer. With a vision, OKB can be even more success and achieve their targets.

They should alter their eyesight not only based on customer want but likewise based on environment changes and also satisfied all their employees. OKB Bhd may be more competitive to the actual and they can certainly adapting the alterations that have taken place on the sector. Learning Issue Chapter 2 Explain to Datin Timah regarding the importance of having to know the external environment. Discuss the possible effects of the DPEST & G factors as well as the Competitive Causes (The 5 Forces) on her behalf business.

The DPEST & G analysis segmented the external environment into six segments which are demographic, personal or legal, sociocultural, technical, global and environment sections. The initial segment can be political or legal sections. This section focuses on organization to aware about any adjustments. Management must aware of consumer tastes and purchasing power.

Virtually any changes must be consider in the management’s approaches as changes on political or legal segments affect direct or indirectly around the demands from the market. Sociocultural segment should be considered by management. These refer to the consumers concerns regarding the industry, as there have been negative opinions from the customer. Customer see the product should be revamping in modern products and capsules rather than traditional packaging.

They should be innovative in market goods and use the resources for best effectiveness and efficiently approaches. OKB Bhd can use scientific advance as a result creating competitive advantages of organization in the market. Improve in systems can raising the performance of production and boost the value of product.

Up coming is financial segment. This refers to the type and direction of the overall economy in which a organization competes. It will help the managing to create decision what suited time to development. Last part is global segment.

Datin should know the global environment in which existing market segments are changing and thus taking the opportunity to produce OKB Bhd well known by simply expanding the business and producing improvement and innovative improvement on their items that are totally different from other competition. The five forces of competition style are danger of new traders, bargaining benefits of the provider, bargaining power of the buyer, menace of the substitute products and depth of competition among rivals. The menace of new entrants is important factors to identify because it can threaten the market talk about of the existing competitors.

In this instance, OKB should have their own strategy, vision and mission in order to compete with fresh entrant by improving their products image, packaging and make some development in order to produce competitive edge. Next can be threat of substitute goods. In this case, OKB have one other competitor which provide and sell same products for consumer just like Guardian. Therefore , OKB must make a study and research how you can faced this kind of problems and attract their customer.

Bargaining power of provider is a scenario when the provider use to qualified power above firms rivalling within market. OKB significant supplier is definitely Akar Enterprise. In order to have enough resources and fulfill the require, OKB should purchase the resources from all other supplier in order that they are not facing problem such as insufficient materials and high price of assets charges simply by supplier. Up coming is bargaining power of the purchaser. Buyer typically more catch the attention of with product that offer a reduced price and give them an increased benefit and satisfied their particular interest.

OKB should enhance their product in taste and product photo and give a reasonable price to be able to attract consumer. Last causes is power of competition among opponents. The opponents always warn and be mindful about their rival.

This is because virtually any changes by simply another company made could affect their business. So they have to take a actions in order to ensure customer is going to loyalty to them.

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