Of Mice and men Composition

Of Rodents and Males

The title with the story features Mice and Men. The date of its first publication is at 1937

The authors term was John Steinback. Having been born in 1902 and died in 1968.

The main character is known as Lenny. Lenny is a big man. Lenny is mentally retarded and is also cared for by simply his good friend George.

George can be described as small and stubby. George is a only friend that Lenny has which is his deliverer in every stupid thing Lenny does. George was essentially given the position of taking care of Lenny.

Some miles in the Salinas Water. Close to the hillside banks. Really nice the southern part of area with a river, mountain range, and beautiful sandy property.

The narrator is Ruben Steinback.

Lenny was a psychologically retarded guy that a new fascination with rodents. Lenny and George had a dream of having their own farm building with many pets or animals. Lenny especially wanted rodents in his farm. But they were required to work on farms in order to get money to fulfill their very own dreams. Yet every time that they can would work on a farm Lenny would discover a way to have them fired. If they got to work on this farm with many persons they attained a guy that had similar dream since Lenny and George. There is a woman who was Curlys partner. She would try to seduce Lenny into a romantic relationship but Lenny wasnt extremely conscious of this. Curlys partner began to speak with Lenny and after that Lenny was petting her hair and with his enormous strength out of cash her neck of the guitar. Lenny was told by simply George that if he ever got into any trouble then he will need to meet him in secure place. George found Lenny there and shot him in the back of your head.

The general sculpt was relaxed and at the same time unfortunate.

I appreciated the style as they wrote the storyplot so reasonably. The sentence structure was created in a the southern part of way. Kind of like they do inside the southern areas.

I think the storys primary theme was a life full of the unforeseen.

There werent any leading symbols.

I thought the story was so good and at the same time sad. The way in which that George killed Lenny. It isnt a bad thing because Lenny would have recently been killed anyways. George achieved it to keep Lenny from carrying out any more injury. Even though it wasnt intentional. George did the best thing for they are all. The story was heart warming because there are great people that accomplish that much pertaining to the ones that require it.


Book Reports

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Of Rodents & Males compared to My mate Jack


Sow how a personalities of the principle heroes have affected their

associations and the power they have been able to exert in those human relationships.

In society, the identity/personality of people typically affects their particular

relationships plus the power they may have within individuals relationships. A defieicency of

power differs considerably in law and moral beliefs, and the amount of power

obtained differs in accordance to the position of whom in the romantic relationship it is

kept by. It is then determined by the persona of the person as whether the

power is usually exerted or perhaps not, and if so how it is done. Throughout the novels Of Mice

and Men and My Brother Jack port parallels can be drawn between principle

heroes in reference to their very own personalities and just how this influences their

human relationships and the power they have been capable of exert in those relationships.

There are many commonalities between the heroes of the two novels including George

and Lennie with Jack and Davy, Ugly and his wife with Jack Senior and Min, as well

the relationship that Curly and Davy got with all those in the labor force and the

power they applied through that. From these examples you will find the

impact of electric power one has through their individuality and the associations they

have got.

In Of Mice and Men both main personas, George and Lennie, have got a

close relationship. George and Lennie were close friends and proceeded to go everywhere

jointly, always taking care of each other.

George was a persona with management skills, having been the one whom provided

to get the two, which was primarily due to the fact having been the brains out of the

set. He was liable, alert and extremely smart, and it was due to these

factors that made him a very crafty sort of person. In their friendship George

was the parental figure to Lennie as it is exhibited in the next quote:

George undid his bundle and bought away three containers of beans. He was them

regarding the fire, close in against the blaze, but is not quite coming in contact with the flame

(Page 11)

Here George cooks tea for Lennie, just like a parental figure. Through the

portrayal of the parental number, George had power more than Lennie. Lennie looked up

to George and as a result he would carry out what George told him. George used his

power over Lennie to control him, controlling what he explained and would. This control

was used to Georges edge as it was through his power over Lennie that

George was able to find operate, with simply a main concern for himself. Despite most

that George was, Lennie also experienced power inside their relationship. Lennie can be

referred to as being stupid, irresponsible, of child innocence, hopeful, dependent

in George and physically quite strong. His electricity in the romance

surprisingly, did not lie in his physical power, it lay in his capacity to

manipulate George through his characteristic of your child like innocence. Lennies

power was emotional electrical power, and this individual used it to manipulate George into having shame

for him by way of sense of guilt.

Cause I could jus too go away, George, an live

in a give (page 17)

As Lennie was stupid, his physical power has not been used effectively to his best

edge. Lennie just used his physical capacity to protect George and himself

and it was even at these times that he tried it on command from George.

The partnership George and Lennie experienced was much like that of Jack and

Davy. Though George and Lennie were not siblings like Plug and Davy, they had a

brotherly marriage between them. In My Brother Plug Jack and Davy

shared a brotherly relationship. That wasnt the one which was not extremely close nevertheless

it was one particular where the more youthful brother looked up to the more mature one, if they were

fresh. Though as time went on and they grew into adults with their own families

the positioning each of them placed swapped, having the older brother looking up to

the younger one because situations improved. Jack was obviously a very noisy person, who had been very

confident in himself for the 1st half of the publication. He was direct forward-

by no means beating about the bush, funny, bold/brave, strong willed, incredibly loyal

and open. From these attributes Jack started to be a very popular young man in his the child years

something Davy was not, producing him desire to be even more like his older brother.

This solid influence was very strong in the romantic relationship between the two

brothers, and so powerful that Davy wished to prove maybe he is just as good- if certainly not

better than his big brother. This sort of a feeling, as this, led Davy to beat up a

special kid.

I strike him and hit him and strike him until his face was covered with bloodI

saw Jack approaching. My spouse and i looked across for his approbation, but hi encounter was hard


(page 45-46)

Davy, in comparison to Plug, was quite the opposite. Davy was quiet, was

devious, experienced selfish purposes, lacked in loyalty, and was a follower with no true

goals or opinions- just like Lennie just much better and warn. Davy was

easily altered, which is especially demonstrated through his romance

with Sue. Helen informed Davy how to handle it, how to manage his your life etc, and Davy select

not to do anything about it. Once again in this relationship Davy is a follower

although he continues to be powerless with this relationship over the novel wherever it is

not the case in the romance between Jack and Davy.

When the two brothers started to be adults Davy became popular one out of

the two. It was through Davys job that he was able to obtain public

identification and hence acceptance, whereas Jack port hadnt become more than a

husband with a relatives to support. Jack port now looked up to Davy and all his

success, which usually led him to later on live his life through Davy.

he had invested almost all his brave pride and keenness and goal in me personally.

I had become his vicarious adventure (Page 365)

Davy, and what he had turn into now experienced power more than Jacks lifestyle. Davy hadnt

obtained this power more than Jacks existence intentionally, this wasnt till toward

the end that Davy realised the impact he had on his brother, plus the same can

also be said for Plug when he and Davy had been young.

The relationships over are kinds of friendship and kinsman, both of that happen to be

common in both novels. Another type of relationship commonly present in both

works of fiction is the marriage between husband and wife. In Of Mice and Men

Ugly and wife had a extremely unstable marital life. It was missing communication, love and

admiration. Curly was manipulative, daunting, ignorant and intensely insensitive.

Most of these characteristics were taken in the marriage, and affected his wife

who was a very lonely young females with dreams and the need to be loved. Your woman was

also very devious and was not at all stupid. It can be obvious to state that

Ugly had power over his wife inside their marriage while she hardly ever once attempted to

leave Ugly this could be because she was married into a man which has a

house, an admirable job and funds. Possessions similar to this added to the energy Curly had

over her. The only sort of power Curlys wife experienced, which is recognised through

the written text, is electrical power over Curlys mind. Curlys wife typically would walk off

and flirt together with the male workers on the farm, and staying the beautiful girl that

the girl was, guys would take serious notice. The thought of this kind of scared Curly and will often

pressure him out, resulting in him constantly looking for her.

You seen a girl around right here? he required angrily. (Page 39)

In the novel My mate Jack wedding ceremony relationship among Jack

Senior and Minutes has similarities to that of Curly great wife. These

similarities just cover the truth that the husband is the most major and

powerful in the relationships and that the personas of them are very

much the same. Jack port Senior had the same qualities as Curly, he was a

chauvinist, respected, self focused, insensitive, and insocialable. He had

physical power over his children also which is found when he overcome Jack and Davy.

A whole lot of Plug Seniors qualities are responsible to get his electric power and the tough

marriage. Min, his wife, was a incredibly loving, friends and family orientated, self-sacrificing

person- the full opposite with her husband. She loved Jack Senior very much

and that is why your woman stayed with him, she probably couldnt simple the thought of

going out of him to fend for himself. Minutes didnt possess much electric power, and the electricity

that she did have was used designed for her individual benefit but also for the benefit of

other folks. Min was a very set aside person. Overtime she experienced found a method to

neutralise herself from the electrical power Jack older had above her so that she experienced safe

and guarded.

Dad was powerless to hurt or perhaps intimidate or perhaps frighten her (Page 216)

In equally novels there was at least one figure that through their

personalities, and interactions with these in the work force, they were able to

exert electric power.

The heroes I i am referring to are Curly, Of Mice and Men, and Davy

My mate Jack. Both these characters, through their personas, in

a way abused or perhaps took good thing about the power that they had in the associations

with guy workers. The employees did not respect Curly, having his character

already been defined above. This individual only acquired power more than weak people that could not

operate for themself. Using the tool of treatment he would acquire his very own way.

Curly loved to manage people and it was these factors that were the main

good reason that Curlys relationship with the additional workers has not been well

set up, he by no means allowed him self to be brought to their common. Davy had

similar features but wasnt as handling. Davy stored to himself and

performed his work, though if he went above seas Davy used his friends. Once again here that

was in his personality to get lazy and use others. A lot of what Davy wrote regarding

wasnt written at first hands, he gathered information from those who was

in the occurrence or in it in order to occurred. This individual took the knowledge, wrote up

and put his name on it. It was very deceiving as it led people to think that

he was there in the actions, when he isnt. Davy acquires power through the

recognition of his pieces of work, and from the popularity that came with it. This kind of

fame had not been gained fairly, the same too for the energy Curly acquired because he

received his through his dad being your head boss from the ranch.

Evidently from the people of the basic principle characters in the novels

Of Mice and Men and My Brother Jack port their interactions and the

electricity they exerted from individuals relationships were affected in a single way yet another.

Through the relationships of siblings to husband and wife to operate colleges, the

personality of any person is going to determine the kinds of relationships they are going to have

plus the power they may exert inside them, whether it is for named beneficiary reasons

or perhaps not. What sort of relationships are you experiencing, based on your personality?

Book Reports

Of Rodents And Men Essay

Salinas Pit, California during the Great Depression in the 1930s.

Lennie Small and his friend, George Milton, were required to leave their homes mainly because Lennie was accused of raping a girl from another town. The book begins with the two of them hiding from the furious townspeople. Lennie had a propensity to destroy small , gentle animals by accident, he was unacquainted with his own strength. This repeatedly contributes to severe complications.

George Milton George is small , and intelligent, darker of confront, has restless eyes and sharp, solid features collectively part of him defined. He is a relative to Lennie and loves him a lot. Always has to bail Lennie out of his issues.

Lennie Small Lennie is unusually large and has a shapeless face. He drags his feet when he walks and lets his arms hang up. He is emotionally retarded and wishes Georges frequent attention and care. He has an passion with anything at all soft and furry. He acts impulsively which gets him and George in trouble quite a few times.

Curley Curley is the employeurs son, and was a welterweight boxer. Having been short and stocky, and wore high-heeled boots and spurs to prove this individual wasnt a laboring person. He believes himself better than everyone.

Candy-He is usually an old guy that is absent a hand. He is an outcast and is

discriminated against. He offers his life financial savings to George and Lennie to

help fund their dream. He would like to be a part of it and go on the plantation

with them. This individual has a friend and while companion, his dog. Candy is frightened

to be alone nevertheless he consents to the killing of his dog and wishes this individual could

have murdered him him self after it can be over. Candy represents what will

eventually happen to most ranch hands. They will receive old and have no place to

go. Candy is extremely old and has extremely little money to his name.

Crooks-Black steady worker. He’s disfigured and it is an outcast as well as

Candy. This individual has a place of his own and remains there by himself. He will not want

company. He also desires to be part of George and Lennies dream. He said that

he would improve free. This individual gives up on the farm desire when he understands it

isnt likely to work out. Dr. murphy is the only one who also understands Lennie, besides

George, and befriends him. He appears past Lennies mental problème and Lennie

appears past Criminals physical problème.

Slim-Tall, thin and quiet. Sleek is the two respected and admired. Everyone

attempts his authorization, even Curley, who has contempt for everybody else

on the ranch. The others provide into Slender because his word is a law. He’s

the voice of reason and understanding, and he units George following he features

killed Lennie. Sleek is the kind of man that George wants to15325 become one day.

Carlson- He provides a lack of matter for additional peoples emotions and will not take

time to figure out them. He’s an insensitive person who cares about you nothing intended for

others. He promotes for the killing of Candys doggie and will not understand why

George is very upset following he features killed Lennie. Carlson is the type of man

Curleys wife-There isnt much known about her. She isnt even presented a term

yet referred to as Curleys wife. She’s lonely because Curley doesnt pay

much awareness of her. Absence of attention from Curley forces her to seek

it in other places. She flirts with the different ranch hands but they pay her simply no

interest either. She actually is in reality the end of Georges and Lennies dream.

When Lennie kills her their fantasy is forever lost.

Boss-There is definitely little known about him, except that Curley is definitely his son. He

interviews Lennie and George when they initially come for the farm. He becomes

suspicious that George is trying to put one over him because he wont let

Lennie talk. He considers that George is going to have Lennies pay out, he warns

these people he offers seen wise guys just before. He says that nobody can escape with

anything. They cant technique him. He isnt a trustworthy person.

Lennie and George are concealing after getting off a tour bus that got them by Weed to Soledad. They were forced to keep Weed since Lennie was accused of rape. This was a very prevalent occurrence not being accused of rape, but being motivated out of when they had been. They went from farm to farm. They sit eating and talking about yesteryear and talking about the future the future where they own a farm of their own with rabbits and chickens, and where they live off the fatta the lan. That they discuss what there programs are for the next day, they can be to go to the farm and George is to carry out all the talking.

Lennie and George arrived at the ranch exactly where an old gentleman introduced them to their new home. The boss walked in when George and Candy (the old man) are talking. He requires down George and Lennies names, in which they worked well before, and what abilities they have. George answers each and every time for Lennie, which makes the boss interested. He asks George what his involvement in Lennie is, thinking that George is out to get Lennies pay. George told the boss that Lennie have been kicked inside the head by a horse if he was very little, and he had told Lennies aunt that he would care for Lennie. When the boss left, Candy went back in with his dog following listening to the conversation through the door. Curley, the employer son, arrived soon after. He noticed the two new folks and saw a challenge especially in Lennie. Once Curley left, George and Candy a new discussion about the man. Candy declared that Curley simply does not just like men whom are larger than him. Curley has become even cockier since this individual got married. Sweets also declared that Curleys better half is a bit of a tart, and after that he still left to go to job. Soon after, Curleys wife came into looking for her husband. Following flirting with George and winning Lennies love, your woman leaves just like Slim also comes in. Slim presents George and Lennie to Carlson. Following another brief confrontation with Curley the boys went to supper.

Slims dog merely had puppy dogs and George asked in the event that Lennie could have one. Slim said certainly. After evening meal Slim and George returned to the bunkhouse and sitting down to play a game of cards as the men outside played horseshoes. George told Slim regarding the occurrence in Weed. Lennie got met this girl that was wearing a fairly red gown. He likewise had a difficulty where he must touch items that this individual likes, so he innocently grabbed the gown. The girl started out screaming mainly because she received scared which scared Lennie. He kept on firmer because he did not know what to complete. The girl charged Lennie of rape and the two guys had to cover until nightfall and then leave town.

Lennie moved into the bunkhouse hiding his new puppy beneath his layer and George promptly sent him that will put it back. Candies and his aged dog joined up with George and Slim and soon Carlson entered, as well. Carlson attempted to convince Chocolate to shoot his doggie because it was so outdated and in continuous pain. Sweets finally offered in following several mins of controversy but had Carlson blast and hide the dog. He regretted certainly not shooting his own doggie later on. Crooks poked his head through the bunkhouse door telling Thin that his mules hoof was prepared to be tarred and Thin left. A lot of minutes later on Curley arrived to the bunkhouse looking for his wife. Having been told that no one had seen her around and was about to leave although he noticed that Slim was not there, possibly. He asked where Slim was and took off following him for the stables, convinced that Slim was with his better half. Whit and Carlson who had returned from shooting your canine followed Curley out, hoping for a combat. George and Lennie did not remember that Candies was still generally there and began discussing all their plans for future years. Candy wanted to join them for their farm but George was mindful at first. When Candy stated that he may put in $350 towards purchasing the farm, their dreams appeared possible. Following your discussion, Slim and Curley walked in arguing. Thin is fed up of being offender of spending time with Curleys wife. Curley, already within a bad mood, noticed Lennie grinning and laughing to him self still dreaming about his rabbit-filled farmville farm, and punches Lennie hard. Lennie was terrified and tried to stop the your punches, but Curley hits him in the nasal area and abdomen. George bought Lennie to fight back. Lennie grabbed a flying fist and placed tight, also scared to let go, crushing every cuboid in Curleys hand. George had to slap Lennie quite a few times to acquire him to let go of Curleys cracked hand. Slender got one of the men to obtain a buggy ready to take Curley to a doctor, George attempted to convince Lennie that it was not really his mistake.

Criminals, a impact and a stable buck, slept the lengthiest and has many possessions. Thieves is proud and keeps his range from the other workers. When ever Crooks can be rubbing apaisement on his backside Lennie will come in and smiles wanting to become friends with him, yet Crooks gets angry. Lennie asks him why he’s not with the other employees, Crooks says because he is black and others dont want to be with him. When Lennie mentions the plans this individual has with George in regards to a farm with rabbits, Crooks thinks he is crazy. Criminals tells Lennie about how during his the child years his relatives was the simply black friends and family in the city. Then Criminals asks Lennie what he’d do in the event that George would not come back, and Lennie received scared. Chocolate comes trying to find Lennie, and they all begin talking, once Lennie tells about the plans intended for the terrain, Crooks tells him it is going to never happen. Curleys better half comes into Criminals room yet all the staff want her to go residence. The men let her know to keep but the girl refuses, then laughs by Lennies thought of land. When Crooks explains to her to leave, the girl threatens him but then leaves, and George comes pertaining to Lennie.

Lennie sitting in the barn. He killed his puppy dog. He tries to hide that so George does not understand. He acquired angry and threw the puppy and walked away. Curleys wife came into the manufacturer but Lennie refused approach her. The girl tells him she is depressed and desires someone to speak with. She bout out the pup died and tells him he could get another one. When ever Lennie tells her he is not meant to talk to her, she gets angry and asks perhaps you should, she will certainly not harm him. Curleys wife tells Lennie she would not like Curley and hates living for the ranch. Curleys wife allows Lennie feel her gentle hair, in that case tells him to let get but he panicked, and broke her neck unintentionally. Lennie strategies to toss the puppy aside and leaves. Candy finds Curleys useless wife, shows George. The two know it was Lennies problem. Candy requests George if they would still get the land, but he knows expense happen. Curley and the remaining men identified Curleys partner and recognized Lennie did it. All the guys got together to find Lennie, planning to shoot him.

Lennie goes to the place George told him to venture to if this individual got into difficulty. Lennie thought his Cousin Clara, who scolded him for usually getting into difficulty and never nurturing about George, who has to deal with him. Lennie imagined a rabbit who also told him that George would get reduce him as they is tired of him. George came and once Lennie asked him in the event that he would keep, George says no . Once Lennie gives to leave, George declines. George tells Lennie of their plans to get a rabbit farmville farm and explains to Lennie to look throughout the river. George puts the gun to the back of Lennies head and shoots him. Slim guesses what happened and tells George it had being done


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