Of Mice and Men Character Analysis: Loneliness Essay

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In Of Mice and Men many personas are lonesome or at least take action that way. The characters I think are lonely are Lennie, George, Chocolate, Crooks, and Curley’s Better half. The loneliness in the story is what causes most of the discord in the tale.

Everyone from this story is lonely or must have been lonely. I believe loneliness is one of the most important areas of this story. Lennie is among the loneliest character types in the book. He makes close friends with family pets, he wants to pet all of them and speak with them even if they are dead.

Him being lonely actually caused him to get trouble in weed. As a bright side to it, because result this individual meets his best friend, George, who will help him through the rest of the story. It is truly the best marriage throughout the whole book. Lennie however remains lonely with George.

After they get to all their new work he gets to even more difficulties due to his loneliness; 1st killing his pup and then doing similar to Curley’s Wife. Criminals is lonesome, however I believe he likely most times is merely overlooked. No one wants to be around him due to his competition.

This will take place when there was even now segregation. Even his space is set apart from the rest. While everyone naps in the hokum house this individual sleeps out in the secure with the mounts. Then one in the only times they spend more time with Crooks, i believe, was not a pleasurable experience to get him.

Sweets had his dog. Which will he must possess really enjoyed and he or she must have had that for a long time because when everyone else was sick and tired of the dog this individual still retained him around. This is why I think Candy was sad during the duration of the storyplot or prior to. Eventually this individual does release the dog although he can’t even eliminate it.

Curley’s wife always acts like she is lonesome. I say she actually is most likely performing because there is possible that the girl with the kind of narcissistic person who often needs a growing number of attention. She’s always “looking for Curley” and she ends up largely just choosing to whomever she locates. She actually goes in terms of to offer Lennie to experience her curly hair. At one particular point in her lifestyle she possibly had to be able to become a great actress where she would had been able to reach the maximum level for interest.

She had this once in a life time opportunity removed from her by her mother. That’s why In my opinion she feels she needs each of the attention your woman actively looks for out. George in the account has just one true good friend, Lennie. This kind of friendship is merely out of pity, although I don’t think George would purposefully abandon Lennie.

George will keep Lennie in good standing with other persons and attempts to keep him out of trouble. George does be friends with the additional characters although I don’t think any of them really are a authentic friendship like what this individual has with Lennie. The loneliness improvement the story just like so.

Lennnie’s solitude and love to experience soft points causes the accident in Weed with the girl’s outfit. George’s seclusion, supervision, and companionship with Lennie argument George to get entangled with him. Lennie again becoming desolate makes him inquire George for just one of Slim’s pups. He kills this pup upon accident after it hits him. He’s sitting in the barn considering what he previously done as well as talks to the deceased pup.

Curley’s partner finds him in the hvalp and in a system tries to convenience him. Lennie being the rough person he regrettably is gets rid of her upon accident. All these events were product of somebody feeling by itself.

As this paper has thoroughly proven most of the heroes in Of Mice and Men in which lonely and were in one justification in their life. All of the issue originates in someone’s search for attention, love, or friendship. The main component at the core of the story is usually loneliness.

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