Observation statement of a child at elementary

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Observation Report of A Kid At Elementary School Recess Composition

This observation features a 10 year old male child during his lunch recess

at an elementary school located in the South Bay area. The student participates

in one day treatment program for youngsters with emotional/social difficulties. The

length of this kind of observation was approximately 45 minutes. And for the purpose

of privacy this scholar will be known as John. In the first

part of this observational analysis a brief description in the program which will

John participates in will be given.

This will end up being followed by an analysis of

Johns actions during the remark.


The day treatment plan John participates in is found on the grounds

of a public elementary school, and is also supported by a local private mental health

organization. In general, children referred to this method experience some form of

emotional and social deficit. In addition to John, you will discover nine other

students enrollment within the program at present. Steve currently attends a

mainstreaming class 3 times per week, in which he has developed a number of

friendships along with his peers.

This kind of observation started as the students in the time treatment program were

let out pertaining to recess subsequent lunch.

After giving the class David ran for the

designated play area with another student. The designated mat of the

recreation space where the registrants of this program happen to be restricted to consists of a

jungle pub set, This kind of play framework consists of monkey bars with tall

top to bottom poles intended for sliding down attached at every single end, three parallel bars of

varying height, and horizontal pubs constructed in a ladder trend climbing

on. Additionally , the designated region includes a tether ball the courtroom, and a

balancing beam constructed in a Z condition. The staff features restricted the scholars

of the software to this area due to these childrens limited abilities to

demonstrate interpersonal skills, and to better supervise the group during

break activities. However , other kids at the university are not restricted from

this place and socialize freely while using children from the program.

Following John got arrived at the play area this individual immediately hopped onto the

parallel bars and started to swing backwards and forwards, and launched himself in the

air clinching awkwardly almost falling down.

David preceded to jump up onto the

monkey bars. John climbed about half method across, where he was confronted with

another pupil who was bridging in the opposite direction. At this time John

hopped off of the bars and went back to where he had commenced, and proceeded to

make an effort crossing the bars again and made it. John returned to the parallel bars

in which he proceeded to swing, getting off regularly. At one point David

attempted to gain the écuries attention to view what he could do on the bars

John swung himself frequently and then let one hand proceed, this content spun him to 1

side exactly where another parallel bar was located, which will John nabbed onto. The staff

shouted good job John, which usually seemed to stimulate John to repeat this technique a

few more times.

After playing on the pubs for a while longer, John went over to two

other peers from his class who were engaging in pretend play. These kinds of children

were playing a game of military combat, as they were operating about

shooting each other. David ran around the play area attempting to shoot his peers

along with his machine weapon, and finished when they commenced pretending to be in hand-to-hand

combat. At this point this point the staff aimed the students to never get also

physical, and the small group of children ran off.

John enjoyed this group for a while for a longer time, as they would shoot in

each other routinely and ran around the play area. John disengaged himself

coming from playing with this group when he was sidetracked by a nearby puddle of water.

John jumped within the puddle, and was motivated by the staff not to step up the

drinking water. After this warning John jumped over the puddle a few more occasions before

collecting a keep, which he used to poke and look into the little pool. John

seemed incredibly interested in this kind of activity, and spent approximately five to eight

mins investigating what he had located before loosing interest and returning to

the bars.

There have been more children now playing on the pubs then have been earlier

and John seemed to grow inpatient, There were about four kids occupying the

parallel pubs doing several.

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