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Any relationship goes two ways to keep the life in balance, and also affect our life whatever of relatives or tradition. As Bernice Weissbourd says: “Because it is not only a child is inseparable in the family by which he lives, but that the lives of families will be determined by the city in which that they live and the cultural tradition from which they come.  In Keeper’n myself, for instance, Garnet Raven who was taken away by his relatives to a group of white promote homes when he was 3.

Garnet’s experiences as a result of the oppressive politics and sociable policies.

In addition, Keeper being a storyteller attempts to pass the message of traditions and a way of lifestyle to guide Garnet, who arrived in White Puppy reservation with anything but Native, to find himself. Finally, Garnet dealt with appropriate in the your life on the reservation and acknowledgement of people that around him by learning the Ojibway culture that Keeper trained him.

Through setting, character advancement and icons the author implies that there is more significance to the actions and emotions in locating a place to belong and a balance of life. Customs which means a custom or perhaps belief that has existed for a long time, affect someone’s identity. The protagonist of story, Garnet, initially feels uneasiness and disconnected by his along with his traditions.

Environment improvements the way that he lives by taking him away from in which he was born. When he first found White Dog reservation, persons laugh by him due to dressing like a black man ” I had my Afro all picked out to around three feet about my head, shown shades, a balloon-sleeved yellow-colored silk clothing with the lengthy tapered scruff of the neck, lime green sagging pants while using little cuffs and my hippest pair of platform shoes or boots, all dark brown with silver precious metal spangles, and three gold chains about my neck ( Wagamese 45). Your dog is just like a holiday, not knowing what to do or what things to be because an incomer in his tradition. The contemporary society forces him to be somebody else except Local. It reflects that this individual tries to fit into White universe by being things that he is not as they was humiliated to be Indian.

This offer also foreshadows that he will probably find a place to belong as far as staying around the reservation to hold in touch with his family and Local culture. During a positive lessons of Indigenous culture, this individual starts to easily fit in the contemporary society and gets acceptance of people. His mother gives him the shirt that he previously on the day he arrived at reserve to point out to him of exactly where he originated in and how he wanted to always be. Although his mom revamps the tee shirt that ” the sleeves were lessen regular, the long indicated collar was gone plus the ribbons discovered the chest and back and down the arms (Wagamese 301). He understands the traditional techniques for Native besides making the connection with people, especially his family, and today he changes the way that he utilized to dressing. Everyone needs family members in order to find themselves, no one could be his individual person not knowing himself.

The environment compel Garnet to learn Whites instead of his own tradition cause he lost connection and him self. Setting is usually one aspect in the culture that affect Garnet’s identity in social method. The setting of the publication is very important in Garnet’s personality development and personal growth. The partnership between Garnet and his is detached because he was raised by foster homes instead of his family, which makes him a lot differences among him and Natives. When he returns for the reserve, he has many things need to learn, particularly the traditional Local spiritual ways. At the beginning of the book, Garnet was looking to act others except Indian such as “Hawaiian, Polynesian, Mexican or Chinese (Wagamese 19).

He experienced lost in White culture and attempts to escape truth of being an Indian according that this individual doesn’t discover how to be a great Indian without meet a “real Of india until he back to the reservation. From this book, Keeper’s voice initiates the story there is something being learned about people, himself wonderful purpose. Keeper teaches Garnet the faith based beliefs in order to him to discover a balance in his life, and Garnet follows Keeper’s educating to learn to turn into a storyteller that he will retain and instruct Native customs. Garnet comes after the “Teachings. The blazes made by them that went before. The signs that mark the way we’re all likely to follow. The path of the cardiovascular system. The path of human beings. The red road (Wagamese 305).

To Garnet regard the loss of culture plus the old teachings should follow it in order to be at peace with nature and folks around all of us. It shows Garnet that his lifestyle is drop and that he has a chance becoming a keeper to teach and restore the practices. It also realizes the benefits of learning the way of Ojibway and staying connected to his culture. The religious philosophy give Garnet a good perception of spirituality that he finds a culture to belong and knows himself about what he desires to be and how to get it done. The character development is one aspect of learnings that impact Garnet’s identification in spiritual ways.

The setting and character creation that Garnet experiences in the story support reveal the powerful symbolism and designs. The trommel symbolizes the bond of customs and the classic Native culture’s theme of respect. When Garnet first time to try out the trommel and attempts to sing tracks follow the beat, “The beat got almost all scattered as well as the song fell apart on it is own (Wagamese 135). This individual tries to truly feel drum and sing tracks as a great Indian but nonetheless have more white-colored and dark-colored inside him that affect him a lot more than Indian. It reflect that his thoughts are mixed up just like this individual starts to play the trommel but when this individual attempts to sing tunes at the same time, he lost the rhythm. This individual doesn’t discover a balance of playing trommel and singing songs and also he doesn’t find a equilibrium of his life to fit in Local culture.

This kind of quote also foreshadows that he will learn the importance of drum in Native traditional teachings as a benefit of how it interacts with other folks. Drum can be symbolic showing how sacred and old their culture is. As Owner said in the book, “The drum’s the heartbeat of Mother Earth (Wagamese 163). Owner was detailing how the property is a fundamental element of Native identity and how this individual feels the heartbeat of mother earth if he plays the drum. It is just a connection to traditions and tradition that remind Indian of simplicity stored them in through every thing and help them live in stability with the whole world.

Trommel also as a representation of female tummy and the conquering of the trommel is like the beating of mother’s center and stand for the cardiovascular of the terrain. You deal with a drum with respect while you’d handle your mom with admiration. The principles of customs teach Garnet that finds a balance of his lifestyle and admiration others especially mother. The symbol also is one aspect of Native tradition that impact Garnet’s personality in emotional ways. Keeper’n me is actually a view of positive method in Natives’ life simply by teaching Garnet traditions, practices affect Garnet’s identities. Light society sets apart Garnet from his relatives on the booking causes that he dropped connection make to are supposed to be. The values of environment views affect on Garnet’s social identity.

Based on the setting, personality development shows how Garnet felt dropped and no philosophy at commencing, but during learning spiritual beliefs this individual feels connective and finds himself where he should be. The religious morals impact on Garnet’s spiritual personality. Ultimately, the symbol of drum illustrates the significances of Native traditions and respect that helps Garnet detects balance of his lifestyle. The values of one interacts with others that teaches classic ways influence Garnet’s mental identity. Customs are the most important part of our your life, it shows acts, thoughts and affect of identity in our lives.

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