Natural environment Essay

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History depicts that in the past, apartheid and Christian national education policies meant that races and cultures were segregated in schools and resources were unevenly given away, making the role plus the task with the teacher extra difficult with regards to balancing between the workload and catering for any learners requires. Education can be inherently politics as it involves values and goals in relation to such primary questions because what kind of individual and society happen to be we trying to shape?

These questions may not be answered within a factual or technical method because they are questions of opinions, values and ideology and they are inevitably arguments and clashes (Carter, Harber & Serfi, 2003). The nature and truth of teachers is that, this places a whole lot importance within the teacher to make certain learners succeed at the end of the day, however are some elements external like the environment, socio-economic and assets issues and resources which will disturbs or perhaps defeats the goal of education. The teacher can make or break the progress from the learner, meaning the instructor should cater equally for all the needs in the learners, because learners themselves are different when it comes to race, sexuality and school.

This means that the teacher should not be bias or discriminate towards a certain male or female, race or perhaps class, because this will include a negative effect on the achievement or progress of the scholars. In this essay I will discuss my experiences with the educators who manufactured a difference, the role they played when it comes to perceiving male or female, race and class in my life, and the main reasons why they were significant and finally I will discuss the role I will play as being a future teacher regardless of sexuality, race and class with the learners.

The most features in the lecture or university environment, is for the teacher to understand his / her learners and mostly interact with them about continuous basis, as complications learners come across arise every once in awhile. These challenges tend to distract learners and need the treatment of the tutor themselves. At times learners struggle with the content essential, a problem at home or additionally a personal issue. A good educator must predict and have information of foretelling and separate amongst students that are exhibiting signs of coming across problem

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