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Identity of work


What does this artwork represent

How does the setting from the painting signify the worldview/social status of the patron?

What technique will the artist favor for this piece of art? Why?

What type of meaning can be found in these kinds of paintings?


Daguerreotype: a photograph used by an early photographic process making use of an iodine-sensitive silvered menu and mercury vapor

Calotype: A photo taking process in which a positive image is made by shining light through a adverse image onto a linen of sensitive paper.

Gesamtkunstwerk: (German, total artwork or collective artwork) Term termed by Richard Wagner for a dramatic work in which will poetry, scenic design, workplace set ups, action, and music all work together toward one artsy expression.

Einfuhlung: understanding thus intimate the feelings, thoughts, and motives of one person are easily comprehended simply by another

Kunstwollen: the will of form, Kunstwollen proposed that every works of art in a given period will find a shared formal expression, quite different from the mentioned ambitions with their makers.

Arts & projects

Divisionism: The rapport of small dots of unmixed paints, giving an total effect of color when merged optically by the viewers eye from a distance, usually associated with the Postimpressionists.


Synthetism: a genre of French painting characterized by shiny flat forms and representational treatments of abstract suggestions



proletariat: Marxs term to get the exploited class, the mass of workers who also do not own your means of creation



Flaneur: one who strolls about aimlessly, a lounger, a loafer.


Modernismo: literary movements inspired by simply French significance and Parnassians current at the turn of the nineteenth hundred years

Impasto: portrait that can be applied the color thickly so that brush or palette blade marks will be visible



The Leather Charmer

Artist: Jean-Leon Gerome

Date: c. 1870

Multimedia: Oil in canvas

Style: Orientalism

-Portrays nineteenth 100 years fantasy from the middle east, shows a boy completely naked coping with python although an older person behind him plays a fipple flute and a team of mercenaries designer watches.

-Setting can be described as large green tiled room decorated with calligraphic patterns

-Scene is usually painted with an almost photographic clarity and attention to detail leading us to think costly accurate rendering of a particular event

Gerome traveled to the center east several times and was praised by critics of the 1855 salon for his ethnographic accuracy and reliability

-Yet the overall narrative of snake charmer is finish fiction blending Egyptian European and Of india cultures within a fantastic calco

The Artists Studio

Designer: Louis-jaques-mande daguerre

Date: c. 1837

Press: Photograph: camera obscura

Style: Daguerreotype


The Open Door

Musician: Henry Fox Talbot

Date: c. 1843

Media: Sodium paper printing form a calotype adverse


-Expresses reminiscence for countryside way of life that was fast disappearing in industrial great britain


Artist: Charles Garnier

Date: c. 1861-1874

Media: area: Paris

-Expresses reminiscence for non-urban way of life that was fast disappearing in industrial britain


Found in both educational and avant-garde art inside the nineteenth 100 years

Edward stated describes: the colonial look in which the colonizer gazes upon the colonized orient since something to possess, as a ancient or exotic playground intended for the civilized European visitor, in which local men happen to be savage and despotic and native girls are sultry and sexually available

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