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Lets discuss myself, my name is Mark Vincent Y. Teodocio.

I’m 17 years old. I had been born on a warm, sunny day in September. We live by Cecilio Proposito Cmpd. Villamayor st . Brgy Pag-asa Binangonan Rizal. I actually am studying at WCC Antipolo.

I live with my mom Edith, and my personal little brother johnly. My dad died while i was in second year secondary school. So my mom survived us alone. I have one sis namely Gladys.

My sis has her own family today that’s how come me and my small brother would be the only one kept to live with my mom. I started college when I was 4 years of age. I attended kindergarten through 3rd 12 months at Gremio De San Clemente Angono, Rizal. However attended Angono Private Senior high school for my own 4th yr high school.

We am today a first 12 months college student at World Citi Colleges & currently trying to graduate my personal bachelor degree in Business administration in the near future. My favorite sports is definitely Volleyball. I enjoy surfing the web if I include free time, opening my mails, visit my personal facebook consideration and talk with my friends and so i stay connected with them whenever or wherever you like. I’m not used to play video games like others do. Spend the whole day ahead of the computer.

The best colors are red, green and dark. My friend sees me like a kind, nice, funny and friendly person. Life in my opinion means relatives and buddies. Who you can trust and who trust you. I actually am basically on the bright-side of existence.

But like all teens do. I really do have my days of despair or major depression. I have some few good friends who looks out for me during those times or the moment I’m creating a bad days.

I have somebody here at college to talk to. We make my personal school days and nights go by considering either another hour or perhaps what I is going to do when I go back home or within the weekend. Right now, lets speak about my study course.

As I said at the start I’m a freshmen scholar. Taking up Bachelor of technology in business administration major in marketing/management. Of course, if you ask me personally why other folks should take my course. To me, business supervision offers various advantages. Which includes vast amount of career chances in a variety of job sectors, and well paying out jobs or perhaps high wage jobs.

You will possess the education to plan your financial and organization future. Yr 2016 could be the time I will graduate from college or university. In a few years i realize myself as a successful Organization man. Taking care of people with talents and familiarity with what they are doing. The Boss of my own, personal Company.

And my name is regarded not only locally but internationally. At that time, i do think I will probably be still living here at Angono, Rizal with my mom and my tiny brother. As mentioned in the beginning, I was born throughout Angono, Rizal. And I’ve live here my whole life. I would like to view more of the thailand but sadly, I don’t have cash to keep Angono, Rizal. to go everywhere right now.

I am hoping you have liked reading warring story as much I have enjoyed making it for you personally. Here’s a tip that you should live or perhaps try to live by: Hardwork will give you Power, being sluggish will make you slave.

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