My name is maggie essay

“My term is Margaret” was authored by Maya Angelou. She was created in 1928 in America, and her phone owner’s name was Marguerite Annie Johnson. Maya Angelou was a accomplished person. She was a poet, an author, a singer, a great actress, and a playwright. Writing inchesI’m Margaret” the lady recovered the reality of the unfair behavior in the white people who have the dark-colored ones and described the people’s lack of their personality.

My name is Margaret summary

The story tells about the youthful black woman who started to work for the white female.

She was only ten years old, and it was a fantastic and exceptional experience for her. She was forced to study many things inside the household had not known ahead of. The girl was surprised what a great selection of kitchen tools there can be. The lady hadn’t even realized that there existed the glasses for water, spectacles for wine beverages, glasses for the ice cream and a lot of even more that amazed her.

The same was with the kitchen knives, forks, and other tools and consequently, a great part of her working day was used on learning all of these things.

Margaret was taking care of an unsightly old girl who could not have their kids. The girl stated that the just thing that can beautify her mistress was a smile. Yet , this smile only appeared on Mrs. Cullinan’s deal with when the girl was sharing a bag with her friend ladies. There was another servant, Miss Glory, who was simply working in that house for twenty years and patiently taught Margaret anything that she should know about home and the manners of their mistress.

The bad things began the moment Mrs. Cullinan called the girl “Mary” for the first time, explaining it really is a shorter name and more near pronounce. Maggie was extremely dissatisfied with this action and was battling to do her best to get rid of this job.

My name is Maggie analysis

Cyber Angelou tried to picture the value of our brands. Each brand is a unique and expresses the peculiarities of its owner. Surrounding people identify all of us with the help of each of our names. Within our minds, every single name is usually associated with the list of different tales, occasions, circumstances related to the person who owns this kind of name. Each of our name produces a specific photo, and if we all change it, all of us stop being themselves.

That is why Margaret was extremely shocked and crossed once she read the first time the name “Mary” that was appealing to her. She failed to react and tried to explain with all her behavior that her term isn’t Martha. She don’t want to be somebody else; she desired to be very little that meant to be Margaret, not Mary. Getting called with another name signified on her behalf that no one took in the consideration her existence. non-e forced to see her and communicate with her as with particular and unique individual. For her mistress, Margaret was only a servant, and she didn’t bother how to name her. Mrs. Cullinan never oriented thinking about ladies personality so far as the servant complete her work and do everything that is usually demanded of her. Margaret wanted to always be herself, nevertheless nobody cared who she was and who the lady wanted to become.

The girl discovered that the parent servant, Miss Glory, had met a similar situation in her existence. Her actual name was Hallelujah. Although, Mrs. Cullinan once determined that it is very long to remember and pronounce each and every time such a total name and shortened it to the Beauty. Margaret failed to expect to notice that. The girl couldn’t realise why the mature woman failed to even mind it and in many cases loved her new identity better. It absolutely was inadmissible to have the whole existence with the identity that doesn’t be yours. Miss Fame may not bother, but Maggie took the strong decision not to put up with it. If perhaps they didn’t want to receive her while Margaret, your woman wouldn’t work as Margaret. The girl didn’t worry about rules and successions and did almost everything wrong purposely. She was executed to attract the interest of being a poor servant and also to be dismissed.

After all, there is a day when Mrs. Cullinan finally named the girl “Margaret. ” Unfortunately, it was following having experienced the pain from the crushing of her beloved china serving tray. The serving dish was of extreme importance in Mrs. Cullinan’s house when it was her mom’s china via Virginia. The mistress was broken and bursting with the tears. Inside the condition of finish desperateness, the girl shouted: “Her name is usually Margaret. ” Margaret was glad that she finally forced her mistress to know the simple real truth – her name was not Mary. Her name was Margaret.

Cyber Angelou needed everyone to comprehend how it is quite important not to lose the identity inside our everyday life. Various people will consider us as an individual who lives someone else’s existence. However , we shouldn’t concur for any explanation. We were given birth to to be unique, and that means, we could not die as a copy of another person.


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