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Is there a Meaning Code?

What is a moral code? I feel that a moral code is a unwritten code that you lives by simply, This code is suggesting how I should live. There isn’t anyone viewing over me judging my personal moral code, just I am liable to my own self pertaining to my activities. However , a moral code should always be during my head and tells me tips on how to act in every situation. An example would be littering, could it be right to throw that bubble gum wrapper into the garbage of my car? Zero, just place it in a pocket, I can put it out after. If you My spouse and i throw that wrapper into the garbage I might truly feel what Dick Gregory (433) calls waste, the feeling of regret or perhaps disgrace over an action just like throwing a gum wrapper out the window. The moral code would make me feel in this way because I would personally disgrace my own, personal moral code by tossing that wrapper out the window. I might even consider why, do i need to cause some one else to completely clean up my mess and feel embarrassing for causing that to happen?

Another example happens when traveling in targeted traffic. Sure, I can be that guy who have doesnt permit anyone in traffic and become the one yelling

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and honking, but for what reason? Its never going to help me move any more quickly. Just relax and let some one in the visitors. Then some working day when I really should be permitted traffic, anybody who My spouse and i let in can let me in or another individual who I allowed will recycle that good action and let someone else in and in time it will make contact with me.

When one particular does a positive thing it will constantly come back to help in time. In the long run, I feel that a single must treat others how he/she would like to be cured. An example of this kind of happened when I was on Phish travel. I lost my budget in Albany a few years backside. The kid that found it remembered me and realized he would observe me in a Phish show eventually. He utilized my ticketed for the show having been going into, although he saw me a week later and bought us a ticket for your show. Inturn, this past travel his car broke down and so i let him jump in and trip with us. Consequently , his aiding me acquire my finances back helped him out directly over time. This is the sort of person I want be, the person who helps out, after which is helped out in the end.

This kind of interpretation of any moral code reminds me of Existentialism and Jean Paul Sartres view that there is nothing else of person but what he makes of himself (451), so the meaningful code is a part of man. There is nothing

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different but guy. So guy and his is going to is all there exists. His total existence rests on himself and the moral code he made intended for himself.

Meaning philosophy is just how you should live. I like to think of personally as a individual who lives for fun, always trying to enjoy personally, just like the Epicureans(417). I feel that I have my whole life to be occupied and earn money. So why not appreciate myself now, go on that trip with my friends, step back and take those back road to enjoy the scenery? Basically do not take it easy, why live? However , I do have to do specific things to take it easy. Just like the Epicureans, I must initial satisfy my personal moral code before I engage in enjoyment seeking. This implies to me i must match my ethical obligation to myself to finish school and stick with my own moral code in order to delight in myself. In order to enjoy life I must have summers off, possess a few us dollars, and some that you enjoy life with me. To do that These days realize that I need to get my personal schoolwork done in order to get yourself a degree, that may entitle me to those summers of entertaining! Therefore , I want to do my work today, instead of taking that a person more drink or playing one more Dart game. As well as, at the end of the day I will feel better about personally since I did what I was supposed to do in upholding my own moral code. If I

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stick to my own moral code, it will allow me to get to what the Epicureans call Hedonism, better called pleasure. The moment seeking this kind of pleasure, although, I must place the surplus of pleasure over pain always. To accomplish this I might have to endure discomfort as in writing papers and going to university for four to five years in order to reach sixty years of pleasure. If I usually do not put me through 4 – 5 years of discomfort to reach pleasure, then that might be immoral, in accordance to my moral code.

I actually also feel that it is wrong to step on others within my pursuit of enjoyment because its just not directly to hurt some one or destroy his/her delight in order to obtain mine. We would not like it if perhaps some one more stepped on me during my pursuit of enjoyment.

In following my own moral code, I want to become treated with respect, and i also want to have life to the fullest simply by not sitting around a keg and like a beer dreamer, but venturing out and looking for pleasure. I want to seek the things which are important to my opinion and head to that Phish show in Las Vegas, restore my Volkswagen bus, have that vacation to Cape Cod, but not to use a pub and want it.

My moral code would be to have most pleasure in life as is possible. I will not look back at university and be

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feeling that those were my own best times. Every minute will be as enjoyable as it can be, like the Epicureans.

Merely follow my personal moral code then I could have lived my life to the fullest and with the moralitys that was important to myself. This includes treating others as I want to be treated, feeling that when I do something good it will come back to assist, and in search of a surplus of pleasure over pain every single day.

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