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1 . Cast Aside.  Yahoo On the net: Netscape Navigator. Drive 19, 2001

This article emphasizes the idea that no matter how many hurdles are place in our course, we will find ways to accept them.  This article can be well written, nevertheless has limited amounts of info present.

2 . Cavemans Valentine. Yahoo On-line: Netscape Navigator.

#cavemansvalentine March 18, 2001

This information states that you have many good touches to the thriller.  Samuel L. Jackson portrays his character well.  This article does not have got much information concerning Cavemans Valentines, but it drafted well.

several. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Monster Dogpile On the net: Netscape Navigator.

Mar 18, 2001

This article details Crouching Gambling, Hidden Monster as The Matrix of traditional fighting methods films. This kind of movie of revenge is brought to life simply by its spectacular combat moments.  This article provides a great review which is written very well.

4. Down to Earth. Google On the net: Netscape Navigator. 03 17, 2001

The summary of this video reveals that Down to Earth is dependent on the 78 movie Paradise can Wait around. This article provides detailed information of the film and is easy to read.

5. Opponent at the Entrance. Dogpile Online: Netscape Navigator. March 20, 2001

The article tells of how Foe at the Entrances brings to existence the challenge of Stalingrad.  The movie is very long and there is not really suspense or perhaps action to carry the audiences attention.  The article can be well written and clearly points out the movie.

6. Ebert, Roger. Billy Elliot. Yahoo Online: Netscape Navigator.

03 21, 2001

Ebert describes Billy Elliot as awkwardly put together and unexplainable adjustments in characters.  This document is well crafted and easy to understand.

7. Fellowship of The Bands. Google Online: Netscape Navigator 03 20, 2001

This article describes Fellowship of the Rings a fantastic picture which have been dead within the books, and bring them to life.  The article not smoothly written and lacks very much description.

eight. Finding Forrester. Dogpile On the net: Netscape Navigator Mar 20, 2001

This article comes with director Van Sants landscapes of how Locating Forrester is actually a progression contact form his Great Will Hunting.  This content is focused on the directors and screenwriters sights of the film.  It can be  written well and easily understandable.

9. Wendy, Chris. a quarter-hour. Google On-line: Netscape Navigator.

Wendy describes 15 Minutes as aiming to portray inescapable fact regarding the culture of America.  This article is poorly written.

10. Holt, Dera. Traffic. Yahoo Online: Netscape Navigator. March 18, 2001

Holt describes the films superb writing, persuasive plot, and amazing cinematography.  Traffic is one of the best movies of the yr.  This content is well-written and addresses all parts from the movie.

11. Knockaround Folks. Google Online: Netscape Navigator. Mar 21, 2001

This review explains that Knockaround Fellas has a pointless plot with no excitement.  This article is usually poorly drafted and is highly opinionated.

doze. The Philippine. Google On-line: Netscape Navigator.

http://,81466,100.html March 18, 2001

This article brings up that Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts share few scenes and possess a lack of about screen biochemistry.  The content is crafted in a hilarious fashion and is lacks much length.

13. The Mummy Returns. Yahoo On the web: Netscape Navigator. http://movies. move. com/movies/M/mummyreturnsthe_2001/ Mar 19, 2001

The suite of The Mummy Returns clarifies the reuniting of Fraser and Weisz who store the remains of a mummy.  This document is inadequately written and describes little about the movie.

14. OBrother Where Fine art Thou. Google Online: Netscape Navigator. March 19, 2001

The content explains the Coen siblings genius as they have flipped Homers Journey into an adventure through the American southern during the Great Depression. This article is well written and clearly explains every aspect of the movie.

12-15. Planet from the Apes. Google Online: Netscape Navigator.

http:// members. tripod. com/planetOapes/ March 19, 2001

This article points out that Globe of the Apes is encouraged by the whole series of Globe of the Apes and not just the first film.  This article is well-written and covers a good amount of facets of the movie.

sixteen. Samdahl, Erik. Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles. Netscape Navigator 03 20, 2001

Samdahl is convinced that this film will have a little while in th spotlight, nevertheless without a great reception it will eventually fade away quickly.  This motion picture may put Paul Hogan back in the films for a brief while.  This article is usually well written and simply comprehended.

17. See Area Run. Yahoo Online: Netscape Navigator. http://members/s/seespotrun/html March seventeen, 2001

This article explains Observe Spot Run as a garbled pathetic spoof of Turner and Hooch with a foolish plot series and lame characters.  This article is short also to the point and simply understandable.

18. Snatch. Yahoo Online: Netscape Navigator. http://entertainment. chickclick. com/articles/18101p1. html Mar 18, 200l

This article explains that Take is a amazing comedy which will be the movie of 2001.  The movie is full of British slang that is hard to understand to an untrained headsets.  This document is well written and protects many aspects from the movie.

nineteen. Stax. Hannibal. Dogpile On-line: Netscape Navigator. Mar 19, 2001

This article analyzes the new Hannibal to the original.  The fresh Hannibal has new views, better usage of dialogue, and much improvement.  This article is usually well written and has much detail regarding the movie.

twenty. 3000 A long way to Graceland. Alta Windows vista Online: Netscape Navigator. March 18, 2001

This content displays the adventure between two cell partners planning to accomplish the heist of a lifetime.  This content is well written and mentioned clearly.

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