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I used to be born in 6 Sept. 2010 1980 in Bangkok, Asia. The first two

individuals who can explain me the best are my father and my personal mother. They

told me that the first time that they saw me personally they had the happiest time in

their lives because My spouse and i am the first boy of them. Someone said that I was obviously a

curious and mischievous boy.

When I was six years of age, I entered Chulalongkorn College or university

Demonstration college. In this university I was educated to be polite

responsible and loved in learning. I have produced many friends in this

university and I have gotten many activities in this school, too. I was in a

pupil council where I discovered how to operate a group within a democratic

approach. I was within a volleyball group. I got the certificate of merit via

this university from 1992 to mil novecentos e noventa e seis. When I was in grade 14, I decided to look

to study on because I do think that now all of us live in a globalization and

we all need to learn other people far away in different traditions

so that we can help each other in the future. My personal mother and my father

accept me thus they asked my aunt that which college in the Usa

States is appropriate for me. My aunt informed me that Cranbrook school is known as a

good institution in Michigan then I applied for Cranbrook. While i was

accepted I am so glad because I am able to be near and take care of my personal sister

who may be now studying civil executive in the University of Michigan

attaining her Ph. G. Before I came here, I assurance my mother and my personal

father i will never make sure they are disappointed. I am in Cranbrook

university, I have manufactured many friends and I received more activities. I am the

Residential Advisor of the dorm and also one of the leader in World

Club. I am so thrilled to be in this article. In the future I want to be an engineer

just like my father and my sibling so that I can help my father in his

architectural company.

I have to be a civil engineer because I like Calculus, Physic

Environmental Science, drawing and when I used to be young I saw my

father, taking care of his table, calculating his plan which has been my 1st

impression with engineering. Now it is time for me to go to get a higher

education. I choose to apply for University of Michigan mainly because I think

it is the most appropriated school for me personally, I can care for my

sis and the girl can help educating me when I do not understand something

in the class. I know that U of M is a terrific school of anatomist. My

sis tells me that U of M is a wonderful school on her and she is so

happy with being a pupil in U of M. Now it is time for me to get that

pride and feel this in the same way because my sister does. Merely compared

me now, I would be like a boat that is close to the shore expecting

someone to pull me up. And I understand for sure that a person should be the

College or university of The state of michigan.


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