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The show “Modern Family” is one of the most good sitcom on tv today. The show describes a total of three family members, a parental family, (Jay and Gloria) and the families of the two expanded siblings, (Mitchell & Claire).

Claire is usually married to Phil and has 3 children of their own, while Mitchell is a gay father with a live-in partner, Cameron. The on-screen worldview of the families are very wide open with a anything should go attitude that may be based on an atheist or perhaps an agnostics perspective. The limited volume of shows that I observed did not display any sources to Goodness.

The friends and family values portrayed the “New Normal”, that may be currently being offered on innovative television shows. On the program, I experienced a lot of light-hearted occasions that produced fun with the life selections that each persona made, and how different personas resolved all of them. The comedy is situational, and dilemmas faced are usually real-life, although offer elaborate, light-hearted solutions. The shows worldview can be secular, although adheres to defining the “New Normal” in its application. The three families all interact with each other and depict three different types of households, all dealing with everyday conditions that define that one group.

When dealing with gay and lesbian issues, Mitchel and Cameron j. are in the fore front offering an exaggerated seem and perspective. Family problems are dealt with by Phil and Expresse, and how they interact with child-rearing of their 3 children. The author and Fastuosidad deal with life from perspective of an maturing father, whom marries a younger woman, who is at the moment pregnant together with his child. The shows core values will be loosely interwoven with criteria and procedures that advise an nearly anything is “OK” attitude, which would be expressed by secular humanist.

Observations of this present are based on my own personal up-bring and how we dealt with different circumstances in our lives. My Christian parents probably would not have been and so excepting of two males living collectively. Our family thought that marital life is among a man and a woman. “‘Do not have sex relations using a man together does having a woman; that is certainly detestable”, (Leviticus 18: twenty-two, NIV).

Our family values were centered on our Catholic faith, whereas we all believed and trusted inside the Lord. Inside the show, Phil cannella (husband of Claire) can be portrayed being weak fatherly figure, who is generally laughed at and scorned by his family. He constantly wants to be everyone’s friend and does not fall into the role of the strong and guiding force within his family. In comparison, my father was your head of the household, and for a long time having been the sole service provider.

Both church and plea were a huge part of our daily lives. These are generally beliefs and traditions that I have handed onto my family. My opinions are in direct contrast to this sitcom.

Its impact on my family is incredibly little as I was not a frequent viewer and the show is actually a negative effect on my personal worldview. I think that the effect of this present on the American public is restricted in scope. Many persons watch and except the shows philosophy for what it is, just a funny comedy that actually has no genuine value or worth. Others will see this as an example showing how a modern relatives should behave and make those same aspect in their household.

I see this show like a negative affect when it comes to the family. Tv has a way of healthy diet public opinion. If enough similar programing is available, we all as a world tend to accept the “New Normal” unquestionably.

In conclusion, the show “Modern Family, ” is a portrayal of the American family that presents an atheist approach to life. I could see no mention of the God or even a slight advice that the family has a faith based background. In today’s culture the family is always being redefined by media and has no spiritual insight. Tv networks record on interpersonal and ethical issues is very poor.

The tv executives believe that the theory that they will be open and honest, and present an item that the public desires. Modern Family is one networks’ answer to precisely what is considered the “New Normal”, in today society.

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