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In the year 1965, the United States sent soldiers to Vietnam to aid the South Japanese against the communism Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese. As the struggling with increased, the United States was in will need of even more troops in order to support the commitment to South Vietnam. Therefore , a large number of Selective Service registers had been called and drafted. The us also asked its closes ally the Philippines to help send soldiers to Southern Vietnam and moreover this, the us requested pertaining to an increase of recruitment to get the United States Navy blue in the region. Therefore, the U. S. enlisted thousands of Philippine natives, which include myself.

My personal involvement made its debut in July of 1968, after i was flown to the United States beginning my own military trained in San Diego. Keeping in mind the 8 weeks of hard, extensive training, I still considered myself lucky to be enrolled in the United States Navy blue. Although, while i did graduate boot camp, I actually cherished the prize of rest and recreation for seventy two hours. My personal short-lived vacation began which has a group of my fellow Philippine recruits. We decided to get a bus to down-town San Diego. Even as we boarded the bus, I stopped in confusion when I noticed an indicator with Dark-colored written at the back of it section of the bus. Looking for the driver pertaining to direction, I used to be informed by the driver that was no longer enforced. Even with him stating this, We still lay in the middle line since my own skin color fell in between black and white. Even as arrived down-town, I knowledge culture shock. The town was colorful and filled with live entertainment. Even though, I did wish to spend additional time exploring the place, my holiday time was up and I were required to go back to the base.

While our company accumulated for the last day, we anxiously waited for the next order of work training. I had been wondering why Filipino recruits and few African American were segregated. Having the same order to attend SD A college (Steward), were not aware our General Classification Test was high enough to get qualified consist of ratings. This discrimination was puzzling to my opinion since, the Americans I knew back in the Thailand were good people and America alone is known to be the area of chance. Despite this small discrimination, I had accepted my personal rate but still considered American as good persons of good will.

My own very first day in steward institution was a bad and unforgettable one. I was punished to stand all day long for laughing at my excellent when he stood on a podium with a loud harsh words saying, these are generally your equipment and in a month you will learn how to use them. Looking at his left arm, all I could see were products: kitchen fork, knife and spoon. I laughed in disbelief that we joined the Navy to cook. Nevertheless , I accepted the job, like I had another choice, if, perhaps every generate started out as being a cook. As the man said, in 4 weeks I discovered how to use these people, I became a designated Navy Steward. After graduation, my own orders would have been to board a ship leaving for Vietnam, the USS LONG SEASIDE CGN-9, the first nuclear surface send of the United States Navy blue. I was given to a division of 10 Dark-colored Americans, 30 Filipinos and 1 White the split officer. The officers of that ship lived like nobleman, we dished up them lunch break, lunch and dinner. In the middle meals, all of us worked inside their staterooms, dressing their bed frames with clean sheets and towels, glowing their shoes and boots, cleaning their very own rooms and doing their laundry. It was the daily routine of a steward job up to speed ship.

After each of our first 6 months in Vietnam, we were sent back in the States. My own plan was to escape this kind of slave-like job. So , I enrolled in Very long Beach Town College to further my education and wished that someday the U S Navy blue will change the policy toward Filipino servicemen regarding their very own job projects. It was my own third month in school once all Navy blue ships inside the Long Seashore area were in the state of emergency and pulled out enroute towards the Token Gulf of mexico. Our send, powered by nuclear

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