Means end string model relating to samsung article

Samsung Consumer electronics Relating to the Means End Chain Style

Means End chain Model explores the bond between consumer and item through the development of a straightforward associative network between cement and subjective product attributes, functional and psychosocial outcomes linked with merchandise use and ultimately consumers’ instrumental and fatal values.

Item Attributes expresses the opinions or qualities of a services or products. Concrete characteristics refer to the physical attributes. They have a concrete reality in which the consumer can experience directly. Abstract Qualities are no material product characteristics which have been intangible and cannot be skilled directly by consumer.

When visiting a purchase decision of Samsung korea Electronics people first choose the impression, that is the concrete characteristics like: Easy touch program

Basic Lighter Products

Array of Versions


After that comes to this Attributes just like:




Following sale providers


Consequences are outcomes or the benefits that the consumer can easily have when the product is bought.

Useful consequences would be the tangible effects of a product that the consumers usually knowledge directly and immediately. Psychological consequences consider the knowledge about the mental and sociable outcomes of product make use of.

After the purchase of Samsung Gadgets the consumer will experience the fact that product has the following features: Bright Color with realistic images

Good Quality

Easy to install


Then the consumer is going to experience the psychological consequences such as: Satisfaction


Moved out to the latest styles


Values will be people’s broad life desired goals. They also require the effects linked to such desired goals and needs. A key component Values happen to be preferred ways of perform or techniques for behaving Airport terminal Values happen to be preferred express of being or broad psychological status.

The instrumental beliefs of a client after the getting Samsung Gadgets are: Status

Standing out from an audience

Good Choice


The a key component values of a consumer following your purchase of Samsung korea Electronics happen to be: Happiness

Peace at heart because of the best selection


Means End Cycle is a unique promoting technique to understand and deliver on customer behavior. HOW COME? A simple question coupled with a lot of intelligent prying can complete a pool of beneficial information which the marketers may use to target from an entire demographics or to a particular segment.


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