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I take this possibility to express my personal profound appreciation and profound regards to my information, Mrs Richa Maini, HR Manager, Bardiya Real Estate Pvt. Ltd. pertaining to exemplary support, guidance and monitoring and constant encouragement throughout the course of this task work. I am thankful to Bardiya Real Estate Pvt. Ltd. and everything its staff for making the environment conducive to find out from their techniques & vast experiance in the industry. I love to say thanks to them with this opportunity to the market conditions by providing a platform to interact with the employees directly.

I am as well grateful to my professors and instructor for helping me.



1 ) To determine the customer’s perception.

2 . To determine the customer’s expectations.

a few. To determine the problems faced by customer although investing intended for property.


The Indian economic climate is the second largest developing economy of the world and the Property sector is one of the major members in the regarding the Indian economy.

I have taken on this examine to analyze the perception from the investor inside the real estate sector and also to recognize the various purpose contributing to the expansion of the sector. The study is dependent on the data collected both through primary sources such as questionnaires, personal selection interviews and second sources just like internet, journals, books and magazines. The sample size taken for the study was of 2 hundred respondents who were interviewed personally and on telephonic interview. The research also looks into the role of the authorities by way of diverse policies that effect the investment decision of the investor. A case study was performed on Bardiya Real Estate Pvt Ltd. The case study will be based upon the expenditure made by the company in Rajasthan. It overs the problems encountered by the organization and the upcoming prospect of this project.


Client Perception is described as the way that customer usually view or feel about certain services and product. In the layman’s potential, perception is identified as an action of being conscious of one’s environment through physical sensation, which denotes an individual’s ability to understand. (Source: investopedia. com)

Understanding is the method whereby people select, organize and interpretate sensory excitement into important information about their very own work environment. (Source: Rao and Narayan: 1998)

One of the notion important to the study of consumer behavior is level of perceived risk in potential expense. Types of risks customer face comes with: performance, monetary, physical, psychological, social and time. (Source: Ross, 1975)

The amount of perceived risk is known as a function of product, qualities of consumer and external forces. Client through all their perceptual blocking use their particular mental picture of town and types of archietecture tend to enduce. In case the city can be thought to be hazardous, then the customer will spot the news record of crime in the location. Similarly, in the event that consumer interprets investment in houses because safe and investments in commercial property as risky, after that no amount of financial analysis might be able to sway these people. In addition , two investor in similar financial sitiationmay place different dangers, premiums on the particular expense because of their personal attitudes towards risk. (Source:

Real estate sector has changed into a major contributor of an economy’s growth. To know the significance from the sector as well as implications, there are various study on real estate property industry both in India and abroad. I possess tried to analyze few this kind of research paperwork to get a better idea about the current circumstance of property sector. Singh Dhillon, Jaskaran, Lubana says that the position of real estate sector consumers in real estate agency practice cannot be highlighted. This study provides an research of real-estate consumers’s belief of support quality in Punjab, India, for the purpose of creating better consumer satisfaction and improving service qualityin the real estate agency marketplace.

A review of 203 real estate customer revealed what real estate consumer actually value in real-estate agency service delivery tend to be lacking on the part of real estate agents. This kind of research suggested 5 key component to client’s satisfactionin property sector. That they are- “courtesy, “provided services as promised, “frequent communication, “exact period service would be performed and ” personal attentention. (source: International Log of Exploration in Business, IT and management, nov 2012 volume. 2, concern 11, page no . 46)

Vandna Singh and Komal (2009) inside their research daily news found that as the GDPincreases the real estate prices as well increases since there is a high level of Positive relationship between the real estate property prices and GDP. The Real estate prices likewise increases with increase in the per capita income while there is substantial degree of positive correlation between these two. The FDI into the country influences the real estate FDI and real estate having a great correlation brings about the boom in this sector. Increase in FDI from 2006to march 3 years ago is 10%. Earlier it absolutely was 16% and today in 08 it is 25%. The interest price also influences the real estate prices because it influences the financing and borrowing by the buyers. In residential segment, availability of easy house finance and rising purchasing power has driven the growth.

Builders will be launching high end, life style non commercial products to cater to the growing couple of high net worth individuals. They suggested that due to high prices the lower profits group struggles to purchase the property, so govt. should take measures to protect the low income group. The traders should analyze the type of terrain in which they’re going to invest plus the potential Earnings from it. Due to large amount of investment paths in real estate in India, fraud cases are also elevating day by day similar to Delhi deconstruction of complexes. Thus careful measures and laws ought to be enacted to handle these types of conditions. (source: Worldwide research jounal of finance and economics, ISSN 1450-2887, Issue twenty-four, 2009)

D Brounen in Dec 2008 said that the Real estate markets around the globe have attained a complicated standing. On the one hand, real estate markets offer investors a wide spectrum of rewarding investments options, investments that nowadays can be executed by buying stocks of share listed by investment companies. Inside the first half of this initial address, the boom of those real estate stocks and options is talked about. In less than 30 years, the outlined real estate market progressed into a sector with almost400 listed organizations worldwide, addressing a quantity aggregate market capitalization of around 1 trillion dollars by the end of 2007. 3 relevant lessons regarding these types of international property stocks will be discussed in the first 20 pages of the booklet, lessons offered by real estate property research from your Rotterdam School of Management.

On the other hand, real estate markets are notorious for bringing in entrepreneurs with bad motives, seeking for opportunities to circumvent the strong adjustable rate mortgage ofthe regulation. These activities have produced many head lines in the daily press and still have given real estate a gloomy status. The characteristics of home foreclosure auction of families is a good example of a source of negative statements, stressing that the suboptimal corporation of these auctions prohibits distressed sellers via earning a reasonable price for home. Inside the second element of this treat, I focus on an scientific test in the matter. Simply by analyzing over 700 auctioned homes the dynamics of the auction method is discussed objectively. This presents a fair view on the problems at hand and searches for way to improve the system soon. (Source: Bronen, Dirk, The bloom and gloom of real estate market, dec 2008, ERIM report series) Articals about real estate: (source: Economic times)

Slowdown in IT strikes commercial real estate property sector (March 25th 2013)

Slow subscriber base of workplace by technology firms in India is beginning to solid a shadow over the country’s commercial real estate sector, info from house consultancy companies indicate. Numbers provided by two property consultants ” Cushman & Wakefield and DTZ ” demonstrate that consumption of workplace in 2012 over the top 8-10 Indian metropolitan areas stood at 29. 05 million sq ft, a 23% drop over the previous year. On this, the share of the THIS sector, which in turn accounted for 64% of the commercial space assimilated in 2009, decreased to 44% in 2012 by 13. 22 million sq ft. It absolutely was 16. 08 million sq ft in 2011.

Sebi expose draft rules for Investment Trust (October 10th 2013)

Looking to entice more opportunities into the capital market, Sebi today suggested listing of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), a popular instrument for raising funds in the realty sector. Issuing draft norms intended for REITs, the capital market watchdog said the evolution of such purchase vehicles is definitely “crucial pertaining to the rapidly growing real estate industry REITs would be allowed to list on inventory exchanges through Initial Open public Offer (IPO) and can increased funds even more through Follow-On Offers, according to the consultation paper and draft norms released by Investments and ExchangeBoard of India (Sebi). “REIT shall be set up as a Trust under the provisions of the Of india Trusts Take action, 1882, 


After experiencing the study of client perception in real estate and various study papers and articles, I interpreteted this description now a times who select investing in real estate property have become more aware about what they should look for and are concerned about the situation of right type of property on their behalf. Many people are dissatisfied from the real estate online marketing information furnished by real estate agents and companies. Mostly people employ print multimedia and reports reports being a source of information while looking for a property. Due to lot of purchase avenues in real estate in India, scam cases can also be increasing day by day. Therefore , very careful measures and laws should be enacted to manage these type of circumstances.


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