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In the video “The Good Fight, ” Americans have taken into their hands the good life of the Spanish people in fighting Fascism. Though they may be before Martin Luther King’s time, they are really taking into action “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice just about everywhere. “(King, “Letters from Greater london Jail”) These men fighting in the Spanish Municipal War, in both the Republicans and the Fascist side, will be risking currently taking someone’s existence to achieve their particular good your life. It is evident that in war the fact that definition of precisely what is right and wrong and good and evil could be very different by simply both sides.

In war you can a winner and a loss and never a tie, if you disregard which usually side you root to get and you just give attention to the fact of folks achieving the good life, someone always manages to lose the chances of achieving their very good life. Even if war makes political alterations that advantage the quality of your life as a whole, there always exists a few individuals unhappy with the scenario they are placed. In the 1960s, Martin Luther Ruler Jr. and other coloured people were surviving in a situation in which they were unhappy. Dr .

Ruler approached seeking a good your life by struggling for his human rights in a nonviolent way. Though Dr . Full did it in the nicest possible way, technically he declared and waged battle with racists and all those who discriminate against shaded people. His good lifestyle entailed the same rights for whites and blacks, however the good your life of his enemies required “separate although equal” utilities for whites and colored. Dr . California king was tired of inequality between African Us citizens and wanted to have the same in order to achieve a good life since those who had been white.

Although many of the whites were living their good life within their own little “white community, ” the colored were not allowed to visit the same institution, or eat at a the same restaurant and even certainly not allowing them to beverage out of the same drinking fountain. This war still has a large number of battles becoming fought nonetheless they main struggle has been won. Even though Matn Luther Ruler himself under no circumstances got to view the end of his nonviolent war, this individual eventually achieved the good lifestyle for his people. His achievement meant that those revolutionary racists will not live their very own good life in which whites are the “supreme” race. Dr .

King’s deal with was much less selfish than Siddartha abandoning everyone the person loved him or the troops killing guy humans, but for those that Matn Luther King was struggling with, he was getting very self-centered in thinking that blacks needs to have equal legal rights. Life is packed with choices and a few of these choices are certain to hurt some people in our lives. We are regularly told to live life to the fullest and my personal favorite quote “live your life passionately. ” But when this passion is painful others is it worth living life passionately? Maybe we have to make a decision who can obtain the good life in the your survival of the fittest kind of way.

Some people may believe that when in search of the good life you should be selfish, of course, if you are just selfish enough you can get where you want them to go, but is this self-centered move worth the cost? We could compromise our dreams to help others achieve the excellent life, or even if we put our self-centered human nature apart we can come together to help everyone get to their good lifestyle. Everyone is different and because of this everybody will always will vary opinions and stands upon things, but once we all proved helpful together to assist each other to obtain our very good lives this kind of game we play referred to as life could have far more winners than duds.

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