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Keeping the Same School Schedule Every thing in life can be described as chain effect. An event happen because of a specific event.

The New york Town Department of Education desire to change the schedule of the school. Instead of having almost eight hours of school we student would be having an extra 2 to 3 hours of faculty. The positive component is having a friday as being a weekend but this plan is not just a 100% strategy proof since we can’t tell the future of all the good and bad that will happen because of this event. Although we could predict the wedding with the data that is presently there. Why change something that can be plan evidence?

We live using this timetable for decades. How come change that now? If we change the schedule in the school day time, students might travel overdue makes it one of the most critical issue to having the schedules modify. Traveling past due leads to journeying in the dangers darkness. As students it will be harder to determine so it makesit harder for all of us students to watch our waysand watch wherever are we all stepping In some case people are too laid back to pick up and clean their particular dog feces and we the accidental steppin it.

In such a case your child should come home with a dirty stinky shoe everyday. In another circumstance murderers could camouflage these people self. that way they are willing to attack a kid while the kid will be the subjects without knowing. This kind of child could be yours. Research shows 414 homicides happen in New york city in 2012. If you think you’re safe even though the average of homicides lowered by twenty percent from 2011, then your wrong.

According to New York Times we are the 3rd largest homicide city out from the selected 6th cities. This may not be good because your child may be the next victim. The younger kinds are more weak.

Your child will be the next victims and you woud be weeping for your child to come back in to your arm nevertheless hopes happen to be lost. As well school period occur throughout winter and fall. These season would be the coldest conditions. So student will get unwell more easily since we taveling at night time which is more colder. That more most severe for college student who hve the school near a gulf, river or oceanic property mass.

Also imagine your son or daughter coming home very cold to loss of life with froz bite. This kind of lead to college student be lack of more and having medical paperwork increasing. with the amount of accelerating medical notes the child will probably be missing out on for least two times as much even as we are study because of the longer day(which equal to more info learned). All of us will encounter hunger an additional of our big problems. Being hungry lead to big gap of opportunities to consume since the first lunch period is third which we call lunch break but some calls it branch. Already students are going on about the lack of foodstuff they take in and staying hungry at all times in school even though they don’t want to have the nasty and grossing school lunch break food.

This really is a problem since student will probably be missing out on nutritional value. Missing out on vitamins and minerals leads to malnutrition. Not only pupil are hungry teacher happen to be human being as well. Teacher are certain to get cranky in case the don’t consume. They will probably intend to take in in class.

This will make student more hungry and can make a lot of students irritable too. Regarding the grammar school kids just like kindergraten and first degrees will nagg and succeed to get food from your teachers. Some student could possibly be violent and can fight for foodstuff. This is the idea of Surival with the fittest developed by Charles Darwin.

Lasty imagine a chid fainting in class due to lack of food being ingested. Also you child would not find out anything for the reason that will show up a sleeping in class and may not target because they are too weak also put their mind to work. In addiction to that after human are hungry we all will get tired to replace the hungerness your own bodyis also weak and will shut down in order to save energy.

Bleary total of such factor bring about the the tension level upon children increases. Which make adults nervous. The factors increase stress level is excess in work as a result of extra classes or longer period of class because of more lessons made in class. This kind of lead to less work period at night plus more homework. Which usually lead to to lack of sleep.

This lead to kids unable to pay attention because they are tired and will get to sleep in class. In the event the student don’t sleep students will pass out and go to a coma. Also college continue would not great without after school actions which we student don’t have coming back.

This will provide an increasing quantity of children possess panic attack and nervous malfunction and kids unable to still a go college or university and get scholarship.

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