Jackfruit as essential oil essay

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Affirmation of the Issue

Oil selling price hike is one of the major challenges in the country. To help in the production of oil we must make use of whatever issues we have abundantly and use it to minimize if not really totally eradicate the problem. This project will endeavour to increase the sources of oil to lower their price and i also recommend the utilization of plant oil like essential oil from Jackfruit seeds because plant essential oil is healthier.

It answers the following questions

-Can you extract oil by jackfruit seed products?

-Is jackfruit usually available in the market?

-How can easily oil via jackfruit seeds extract help people?

-Is this project beneficial to everybody?

Significance in the Study

This kind of study is a crucial way to aid lessen essential oil importation.

Jackfruit seeds will be used as an alternative method to obtain oil. It is because of the availability of jackfruit in the market. Jackfruit (Artocarpus Heterophyllus) an local fruit tree is generally distributed through many warm countries, such as the Philippines, both cultivated and wild.

It also has the properties and substances great oil features. Basically everyone who uses oil will benefit from this kind of study. It will likewise have a good effect on countries that will utilize it for the provision and require of olive oil will be fulfilled. As for consumer attitude toward purchasing this product, I believe the key issue is whether consumers get it.

Do consumers whom purchase environmentally friendly products just like cooking oil from jackfruit do so because it’s something totally new, because the olive oil is cheap, because they feel pressured to turnover a fresh leaf by simply all the challenges in the oil industry, or because they believe in the sustainability of durability? While any of these motives is preferable to none of them whatsoever, it’s certainly not true more is better when it comes to sale of these products. Only a lasting change in mindset toward production and consumption ” not merely the sale of these items will create sustainability in the future. This research can also support future analysis on related topics.

Range and Limit

This study was looked into with the help of articles or blog posts in Wikipedia and Yahoo although there was limited information available, the project was done extensively. The insurance coverage of this investigatory project spans from looking into the possible solutions to petrol problems, availability of materials, period that will be used while producing the job and the genuine creation with the product. The scope of my research is from how to extract the oil from the seed of the Jackfruit up to just how safe the item is, which usually took me eight (7) times to finish. Accomplishing this project exclusively made it very difficult for me to get oil production is a long and hard process. Considering the projects and other school performs due almost at the same time, my own schedule through this project is limited. But as it really is, the task was a success and I was able to get the oil that I need.

Review of Related Literature

Information about my matter is limited. Just one or two are available in the net and some are visible the high school library. Others have investigated about my own topic and results vary on the ripeness of the seed products of the jackfruit. I have come to know that unripe jackfruit seeds generate more top quality oil than that of the ripe and overly fresh.

Kind of Jackfruit seedAmount and quality of oil

One half kilo of unripe seed2 tbsp. of transparent oil

One half kilo of ready seed1 and a half tbsps. of less transparent oil Half kilo of over-ripe seed1 tsp. of unclear olive oil


The materials needed to extract oil from jackfruit seeds happen to be, one half kilo unripe jackfruit seeds, grater, mortar and pestle, great cloth, baking pan and oven for heat and bottle of wine container to get the completed product. The process is to accumulate the jackfruit seeds and extract the liquid from that with the use of a grater, mortar and pestle, strain the mixture important the juice out applying fine fabric. The drink was hard boiled until essential oil starts to show up and the residue turns brown, The olive oil was taken from the heat and cooled then strained again to get the genuine oil from your seed. The process produced a far more viscous olive oil than that of those commercial ones.


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