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Dr . Kelly PenzUniversity of Saskatchewan- College or university of Breastfeeding In the Document Warrior caregivers: Understanding the problems and curing of Initial Nations males, Mussell identifies the Medicine steering wheel as a conceptual framework to guide an individual to know the several significant areas of self which include: physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual areas of self (Mussell, 2005). In this paper I have utilized the four aspects of self since an integrated way of display who also I i am. In terms of the physical part of myself, the most important challenge i have encountered was relocating from home.

I did previously live with my loved ones in Saskatoon realtor and moved to Regina exclusively a few weeks ago to pursue my education in Nursing. Along with my education, one of the main reasons to move out was therefore i could gain some self-reliance. Moving to Regina by Saskatoon have been very difficult for me, as I had been facing a large number of challenges. When it comes to living by itself now and physically from my family, it is often hard to keep up with a proper nutritional diet plan because I can cook by myself now and i also am not experienced in cooking.

It has also been hard to maintain daily workout due to time management mainly because I are either looking to catch up with schoolwork or working a part time work to cover my personal expenses just like rent, food stores and much more.

When living in the home I was the entire opposite of what I am now, I used to eat incredibly healthy and exercise regularly since I failed to have to worry about working a in your free time job and neither would I have to generate any meals since my friend would usually cook. Heading from a very dependent specific to an impartial individual features taught myself many duties and priorities in life and accepting this challenge In my opinion will help myself establish my very own identity. Emotionally, I have strong relationships with my family, good friends and family. The most important romantic relationship I have with is my family, especially my mom who has elevated my sibling and I being a single mom. My family provides taught me personally most of my values, procedures and philosophy. My friends I think are the kinds who understand me the most no matter what the condition is. I am in a position to share totally anything with them, specifically my best friend, and receive superb advice. One of the most intimaterelationship My spouse and i share with can be my boyfriend Dhiren whom I have been online dating for two years now and being with him makes me feel very loved and a feeling of belonging. We all share a very understanding having faith in relationship exactly where we set limits and boundaries to when it comes to becoming committed to one another.

The several distinct relationships I’ve with different people shapes how I connect to people now because I feel the more I actually am capable of let every thing out of me and share it with others, We am able to build on me in terms of getting less shy and getting away of my personal comfort zone approach others. Intellectually, I i am always eager to learn and take after new difficulties. I am a type of individual that learns very quickly and have always taken great interest in my own education. Almost all of the knowledge I actually encompass has become taught to me by experience or immediately through training. My operate experiences has allowed me to teach others regarding my know-how, for example I did previously work in a Math learning center in which I helped and guideline children by grade institution to secondary school with any math inquiries. Currently My spouse and i work in a cellphone retail store and my work lets me provide understanding on the most advanced technology within the many different kinds of mobile phones and teach customers. In my opinion that the even more knowledge We inherit, it shapes my critical thinking abilities and displays my understanding of anything around myself. Spiritually, I actually am female and I highly believe in the faiths and beliefs in the Muslim religion.

In the document, Mussell identifies the psychic of home from the Medication wheel since valuing the creation of Great Spirit that we agree to (Mussell, 2005). I really believe that The almighty is the creation of everything and I value simply how much we should worship its creation such as improving the environment since I think God is always watching over the good and bad deeds. I believe that if one has committed a negative deed they should be penalized for it and those who have done very good deeds will probably be rewarded. My personal spiritual beliefs in my religious beliefs come from the theories from my loved ones and what their earlier generations experienced valued which includes shaped me in thinking about religion how I do today. In conclusion, the physical, psychological, intellectual and spiritual facets of self a lot structures how one would symbolize their home identity, how others see them as well as the ideal personal image. Via my point of view, all four aspects in the Medicine wheel incorporate together to create a framework to reflect on how a person I’ve become, when it comes to how I think, the thinking behind my personal logic andhow my earlier experiences features shaped myself to the person I i am today.


Mussell, Watts. J Bill. “WARRIOR-CAREGIVERS: Comprehending the Challenges and Healing of First Nations Men.  Aboriginal Treatment Foundation. And. p., and. d. Web. 21 September. 2014. .


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