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Erik Erikson, Life expectancy Development, Eriksons Theory, Developmental Stage

Excerpt from Exploration Paper:

I think I want to go into nursing but I am certainly not 100% sure yet. Now, I are just currently taking basic gen ed classes since this is definitely my initial year at school – I did take a couple of classes this past summer. Most adolescents I realize in my community have managed to graduate already as well. ” Georgia stated the girl was still ‘feeling out’ her identity, which is common in adolescence. The girl was willing to be self-employed enough to purchase her individual college, which implies a aspire to ‘stand on her behalf own two feet’ while she continue to lives at home.

Georgia also noted that she does not contribute to the friends and family income and this her father is a biopharma executive. Her desire to enter into nursing could reflect her exposure to this kind of field of work at home. Nevertheless , she found her decision not to enroll in a 4 year college while defiance. Georgia seemed to be question some of the values she learned at home, like the value of school and a four-year education, while nonetheless affirming all of them in some of her different, hesitant your life choices, including speculating about attending medical school.

Based on the developmental theorist Erik Erikson’s view, younger adolescents enter into an ‘industry vs . inferiority stage’ in which they spend more time with peers. An amazing part of Georgia’s time was nonetheless devoted to expert relationships. Even now, during this phase “parents still play essential roles in their development, particularly in guiding their academic achievements and managing their opportunities” (Santrock 2011: 381). Georgia said that the majority of her the time has been the time hath been spent in peer-related actions and that your woman was mainly focused after “having fun with my buddies. I love to dance and since. I have already been in drama and choir. I love entracte and going swimming. ” This kind of tendency to ignore mature responsibilities such as choosing a career, her give attention to her peers and her conflict with her daddy about her life desired goals could advise some conflicting middle college tensions. Erikson firmly assumed that early, unresolved issues could postpone the individual because developmental stage, making it hard for him or her to move forward and develop.

However , Georgia’s sense of uncertainty as to what she desired to do with her lifestyle and her refusal to pick a career course or a major at this time by a traditional college or university is also feature of the developing stage of late adolescence, recommending that your woman had moved on to this subsequent phase of development. “The search for an identity during adolescence is definitely aided by a psychosocial moratorium, which is Erikson’s term to get the difference between child years security and adult autonomy. During this period, society leaves teenagers relatively free from responsibilities and free to try different identities (Santrock 2011: 384). An inability to find a protect identity can lead to withdrawal via peer relationships, or say conformity and fear of standing out in a crowd. However , Georgia did show a strong enough sense of self that she supported her Catholicism and as opposed to her friends, was willing to wait for marriage to have sexual.

In contrast to Erikson, James Camminata “classifies individuals based on the existence or perhaps extent of their crisis or perhaps commitment” during developmental stages, suggesting that most identity downturn have different degrees of intensity (Santrock 2011: 384). This is advised by Georgia’s experience. At the moment, Georgia seems to be in a express of id diffusion: “not only could they be undecided about occupational and ideological choices, they are also more likely to show very little interest in these kinds of matters” (Santrock 2011: 384). Georgia’s focus on her love of partying with friends suggests she’s still through this phase of identity diffusion. However , your woman may also showing some signs of “identity moratorium” in her career, because an individual who is in the midst of a crisis although whose commitments are either absent or are only vaguely defined”

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