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Section you The child that I am working together with is a four year old girl named Briniyah. She is in preschool and learning new letters everyday. Briniyah can be my little girl and I i am worried about her not learning phonics while she learns new characters.

One day more than Christmas break we were looking at her notice and I asked her “what sound does the letter W make? ” and the lady said “Mommy, I don’t know. ” This situation concerned me because I am an educator and my child does not know phonics. We became bothered and began to panic. I actually soon talked about the situation with her educator that I a new concern and we created a strategy to help Briniyah learn phonics more efficiently.

My plan contains teaching my daughter phonics. I felt like a failure; how could i be an educator and my child not know phonics? I guess I felt negative because my own students understood phonics and are the same age as my own daughter. My own daughter and I went purchasing and acquired two Totally hooked on Phonics pamphlets.

She currently has Start Frog products at home (CD with music to learn characters and sounds and the refrigerator phonics kit). We started practicing the letters with their sounds. Let me keep her teacher informed so we are able to work together with Briniyah’s expansion. I believe that learning phonics is a very important part of learning to read.

Children are not able to learn site words correctly without learning phonics. I actually am not really saying that it is far from possible to learn site words and phrases without phonics but In my opinion that the site words will become a part of marque memory instead of learning how to appear words away. Teaching my own daughter phonics is going to be a lengthy process that will take patience and persistence. I am very focused on my girl learning phonics and I established to be her first and best educator. In the end I am able to assess her accomplishment when we review the words along with their appears and your woman can with certainty give me the sounds and start to make words when the girl puts the sounds together.

Section two Teaching phonics is going to be difficult as I mentioned before. We plan on working together with my girl one-on-one incredibly diligently and so she could be successful with learning phonics and learning to read at some point. My strategy is for us to sit back each day begin our phonics lesson.

We shall start with the notice B naturally since it’s the initial letter of her name. I will select the next page according to the notice she is working on in school. We all will go over the letter and its particular sound.

I will use photo cards to assist with the phonics lesson; these cards will give her more words that help build her vocabulary too. Continued connection between her teacher and i also is very important. We need to be on the same page to be sure Briniyah works with this kind of phonics task

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