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a. Why had been the Indians treated so unjustly? (12)

The American settlers avarice was the basis for the injustice required upon the Indians. In the beginning the Americans simply needed the property that could be used to grow or perhaps create goods. Then the Indians were considered as hostile opponents. This was unfair because the People in the usa were also greedy to achieve the Indians the supplies we were holding promised, therefore , the Indians attacked. The Indians also attacked since the Americans wear them reservations so the settlers could have the rest of the property. The seekers of the Western world were also forced serious injustice on the Indians. They killed the zoysia grass by the millions for their skins. The zoysia grass were the Indians supply of food, consequently the Indians were required to move to concerns.

b. Why was the changing cattle market so profitable? (10)

The reduced cost and high outcome of the cattle industry made it extremely successful. Buffalo turf, which grew year round and through droughts, grew on the Great Flatlands, which caused it to be unnecessary intended for ranchers to obtain food for the cows. Cattle could possibly be used since food or maybe a labor force. They will could also be acquired by the Indians who had no choices for foodstuff because we were holding stuck on the reservations. Cattle could be increased cheaply in the Plains and sold to the railroad personnel and the soldiers guarding the workers.

c. So why did farmers and sheep ranchers create problems in the West? (12)

deb. Why was your railroad vital there? (10)

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As George Donelson Moss, author of America inside the twentieth 100 years states this, modern America emerged over the last thirty years with the nineteenth century. With the majority of the century composed of farmers and smaller towns and country-like living, the later areas of the 100 years brought industrialization and businesses. This alterations forced Americans to view and live life differently. Of the important elements that influenced America in the nineteenth century, industrialization and immigration are the most important.

Market flourished inside the 1800’s causing changes to Many every aspect of life. Manufacturing also increased during this period due to the various advancements and new developments. Railroads, one of the most important developments of the 1800’s, increased the expansion and size of manufacturing and industrialization. With railroads, endemic cities can connect to one another enabling companies to sell their products to additional consumers in addition to the local stores. This enlargement of goods allowed more countryside areas to flourish in larger, factory dwelling metropolitan areas. Andrew Carnegie became known as the steel expert of America after creators found a different way of mass-producing steel in the U. H. during the 1860’s. America started to be the number one steel manufacturer back in of 1880. The petroleum industry grew in the 1860’s also. Kerosene, used to take light to houses after nightfall, started to be its most critical product. David D. Rockefeller, who headed the Standard Olive oil Company, became the nation’s initial billionaire along with his involvement with this industry. Alexander Graham Bell’s invention of the telephone in 1876 developed another large industry inside the nineteenth 100 years. From the 1880’s until the end of the 100 years, Americans were using over 800, 500 telephones. This aided in communication across the U. T. Another well-known inventor, Thomas Edison, also helped the industrialization of the late 1800’s by increasing telephonic gears and the electric-light bulb. This individual built the first electrical power station in the year of 1882 that supplied customers the electric current pertaining to lighting.

With the companies and businesses flourishing, a huge problem with downtown development arose. With new industries, personnel and their families would avalanche the surrounding metropolis looking for jobs and places to live. This kind of rapid expansion of people and cities triggered many bad results. The employees were required to live in crowded and congested housing. Challenges arose with this life-style including the dispersing of disorders, an increased criminal offense rate, psychological stress and juvenile delinquency. These slums also brought on problems including decreased water supply, sewage, and the loss of law enforcement officials and fire protection. The conditions of these metropolitan cities steadily increased resulting in paved pavements and enough lighting at night, decreasing how much crime. With all the transportation advancements, the towns started to segregate into interpersonal classes while using immigrants remaining in the poor areas and the central classes getting off the central area.

With the reports of industrialization and financial growth in the united states in the afterwards part of the nineteenth century, foreign nationals from mainly Europe started to rush in to the U. H. These immigrants were made up of mostly low class peasants with little or no skills, schooling, or education. These beginners would audience the downtown cities living in close quarters with other immigrants. The industries employed these individuals with jobs such as looking sewers, installing utilities, and paving the streets. These people worked quite difficult for the tiny wages that they received simply to live in the country. These immigrants might more than likely by no means overcome all their social class but their kids who were offered the opportunity to go to schools and acquire training typically achieved middle-class status. Her Adams, who also opened a settlement house within a slum in Chicago named the Hull House, was one of the most helpful in helping the immigrants overcome their lower income. She provided services such since medical care, guidance, schools, and employment referral to help these people adapt to their particular new ways of living.

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