Impact of Job satisfaction on employees Essay

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The objective of this study was to look into the impact of motivation about job fulfillment (dissatisfaction) of journalistic workers employed by the national public broadcaster. The theory was to profile factors causing high motivation and job satisfaction and also to profile all those factors that contribute low motivation and dissatisfaction at the job. The rationale to get the study was simply a great observation that some employees seem better adjusted and happy at the office and are capable of cope well with the needs of the working environment while others are not.

Another remark is that management seem to not be aware of what motivates their particular subordinates also to strategically use those mindset tools to take care of high levels of job satisfaction (or in least low levels of job dissatisfaction), large productivity and morale. The prospective sample was all journalistic staff doing work in the television and radio information rooms with the national public broadcaster in South Africa. The profile in the respondents included a variety of ages, gender, races, educational backgrounds, different job locations, distinct marital statuses and managers and non-managers.

Data was collected using a questionnaire that was randomly distributed at Head Office in Auckland Area and to every one of the nine local offices of the SABC. Difficulties findings on this investigation is that three motivational factors, namely achievement, acknowledgement and operate itself trigger 88% job satisfaction; although hygiene elements cause 12% job pleasure. At the same time the research also found that three cleanliness factors, specifically supervision, company policy and administration and interpersonal relations with supervisors cause 60% job dissatisfaction; although motivational factors, namely achievements and acknowledgement cause forty percent job dissatisfaction. These outcomes reflect the effort attitudes of employees during the time of this exploration.

The study demonstrates that when employees are happy and satisfied in their jobs, their very own level of motivation is substantial and they execute at maximum all the time. Alternatively, when workers are unhappy and dissatisfied at work, all their level of determination is low and they don’t perform in peak level. The study advises strategies of just how management can utilize achievement, recognition and work on its own as a device to keep employees motivated and satisfied within their jobs.

In addition, it recommends ways by which managing can remove low inspiration and work dissatisfaction amongst employees by simply improving supervision skills, know-how and expertise of managers, building relationships between managers and subordinates and also bettering the quality of inside communication with employees especially on policy and administrative matters. Lawler (1973) in Dipboye, Cruz and Howell (2000) included the concepts of attained versus desired needs in the model of aspect satisfaction. This model is an extension of the Porter-Lawler (1968) of motivation explained above.

It is just a facet fulfillment model mainly because satisfaction with various components or perhaps facets of a job, such as direction, pay, and also the work itself, is considered. Lawler’s model identifies that staff compare what their careers should give in terms of job facets, such as promotions pay, to what they will currently receive from their jobs. However , basic need assessment theory is definitely extended by simply also weighing the affect of selected worker features (such while skills, schooling, and age) and task characteristics (such as level of responsibility and difficulty).

In addition , the unit draws principles from the equity theory of motivation simply by assuming that personnel ultimately determine their task satisfaction by simply comparing all their relevant work inputs and outputs to referent (comparison) others (Dipboye, Smith and Howell, 2k: 149-150). Adapted: Figure installment payments on your 2

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