Human Growth And Development Essay

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Problem 1: Which in turn theory or theories emphasis more on the importance of mother nature than foster? Which theory or ideas take a solid position that nurture is more important than nature? The humanistic point of view contends that people have an organic capacity to produce decisions of their lives and control their particular behavior.

The humanistic point of view emphasizes free of charge will plus the natural desire of human beings to reach their particular full potential. Question a couple of: Which theory or theories focus on the universality of development much more than diversity of people? The in-text perspective considers the relationship between individuals and the physical, intellectual, personality, and social sides. The bioecological approach stresses the interrelatedness of developmental areas plus the importance of wide cultural factors in human development.

Vygotsky’s sociocultural theory emphasizes the central effect on intellectual development exerted by social interactions between members of any culture. Question 3: Which theory or theories target more about qualitative change than on quantitative change? The Cognitive Theory focuses on qualitative, the objective of the theory should be to explain the mechanisms and processes by which the infant, then the child, develops into an individual who can cause and believe using ideas. To Piaget, cognitive advancement was a accelerating reorganization of mental processes as a result of natural maturation and environmental experience.

Children construct an understanding of the world surrounding them, and then encounter discrepancies between what they know already and the actual discover in their environment. The humanistic perspective contends that individuals have a natural capacity to produce decisions about their lives and control their very own behavior. The humanistic perspective emphasizes free will as well as the natural desire of humans to reach their very own full potential. Question 5: Which theory or theories focus even more on discontinuity than upon continuity over development?

The psychodynamic perspective is exemplified by the psychoanalytic theory of Freud and the psychosocial theory of Erikson. Freud concentrated attention on the unconscious and on stages through which children need to pass efficiently to avoid damaging fixations. Erikson identified 8 distinct periods of development, each seen as a a turmoil, or problems, to work out.

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