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Just how young is too young drive an automobile? It is a major topic in America today. Various feel that 16, the general certification age, is too young to work a vehicle. Should certainly a legislation be approved which alterations the legal driving age group from sixteen to nineteen? Granted, learning how to drive is known as a teenage proper of passage but teenagers are statistically the worst drivers inside the public domain. Consequently , I support changing the legal traveling age intended for the above reason as well as the pursuing three factors: it will prevent teen deaths, decrease parental stress and save parents money.

First of all, protecting man life should be important to everyone.

The Moms Against Driving under the influence (MADD) web page attributes six, 000 of the 42, 500 annual vehicular deaths to teens. My personal best good friend’s brother perished two weeks ahead of his 17th birthday because he accepted a ride using a friend who was not sure how to proceed through an intersection. Larry Musselman, director in the teen-driving institute at Safe America Groundwork, believes incidents like the one concerning my friend’s brother happen because the decision-making part of the mind does not adult until the past due teens and early twenties.

If drivers were forced to possible until eighteen for licensure they can make better decisions on the road.

Granted, some young adults mature ahead of others, however that will no mean their father and mother stop considering them. For example the March 28, 06\ Daily Herald Article permitted “Lead Ft . Puts Teen in Profound Doo-Doo,  which covered the trial of a 17 year old lady ticketed two times for speeding two months within a row. The judge, also a parent, asked the girl if she considered that her mother prays she will return home in one piece each and every time the girl drives somewhere. A similar concern is the reason why my great aunt Debra prefers to drive my personal cousins to several of the locations they need to go, especially, during rush-hour.

Since study with a F Williams shows that the crash charge for 14 year olds is 241 per 15, 000 within the first month of licensure and only drops to 107 per 15, 000 following 9 to 10 months. Changing the legal generating age will certainly effectively are up against parental worries about their teens driving prior to they are adult enough. Finally, parents concerned with the safety of their teens should also consider just how much it costs to have a adolescent driver inside the household. My personal uncle Mike refused to obtain his daughters a car until they received jobs and can pay possibly their car payments or insurance.

To make certain, car insurance is usually expensive for the parents of teens because driver risk profiles (which decide cost) consider the frequency and likelihood of mishaps. According to the Christian Science Keep an eye on, 3 out of incredibly 10 14 year old individuals will be in a serious crash. Phil Berardelli, a road safety advocate, urges parents to consider the costs associated with repairing an automobile that a of sixteen year old can very likely damage. If parents pay for the repairs their child pays a moral expense by not learning responsibility. If the child pays for the repairs then they spend money possibly set a side for college expenditures.

It is an unavoidable conclusion that parents save when their teens drive as elderly eighteen year olds. To reiterate my personal point, a law should be passed changing the legal driving age from16 to eighteen. Doing so would prevent young deaths, whilst decreasing parental stress and saving father and mother money. In addition, America’s streets, a legal for all, will be a safer site for all. Functions Cited Franklin, Stefanie. “Raising Driving Grow older May Increase Safety: The latest Legislation Efforts to Reduce Teen Auto Fatalities.  Daily Titan three or more Mar. 2005. 12 Oct. 2006

com/ media/storage/paper861/news/2005/03/22/News/Raising. Driving. Age. May. Raise. Safety-1538494. shtml? norewrite200610131501&sourcedomain=www. dailytitan. com>. Llana, Sara Miller. “Massachusetts Views Raising the Driving Era to Curb Car Accidents Amongst Teens.  The Christian Science Monitor. 29 Scar. 2006. doze Oct. 2006 . Williams, A F, Ferguson, S A, and Shope, J Big t. “Rationale to get Graduated Certification and the Risks It Should Treat.  Personal injury Prevention. 8(Suppl II) (2002): ii9-ii16. Downloaded on 12 October 06\ from .


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