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To setup a network connection applying multiple modems

1 . Build a Dial-Up Networking connection using 1 modem.

2 . In the Dial-Up Social networking folder, right-click the connection icon and just click Properties.

3. Within the Multilink tab, click Use additional gadgets, and then simply click Add.

4. In Edit Extra Device, find the device you need to add to the connection, and then simply click OK.

5. Repeat Steps three or more and four until you have added each of the modems you want.


* To build a Multilink Connection, you must have two or more modems installed on your laptop or computer, one telephone line for each and every modem, and an INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER that helps PPP and multilink contacts.

*If the first modem connects successfully however the second device fails to hook up, multilink is probably not supported by the ISP.

*Multilink is definitely part of Dial-Up Networking. It is not necessarily available when utilizing other communications programs.

*Although Multilink is designed for ISDN modems, it can be used by several analog modems of the same or different rates. However , employing analog modems can cause dramón overrun errors that damage the overall performance of the multilink connection.

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