History of Management Information System Essay

A management info system (MIS) provides information which is required to manage agencies efficiently and effectively. Administration information systems involve 3 primary assets: people, technology, and info or making decisions.

Management details systems will be distinct from other information devices in that they are really used to analyze operational actions in the organization. Academically, the definition of is commonly utilized to refer to the group of data management methods tied to the automation or support of human decision making, e. g. decision support systems, professional systems, and executive info systems. Kenneth and Anne Laudon identify five eras of LOS evolution related to five phases inside the development of computer technology: 1) mainframe and minicomputer computer, 2) pcs, 3) client/server networks, 4) enterprise computer, and 5) cloud processing.

The 1st (mainframe and minicomputer) period was reigned over by IBM and their mainframe computers, these computers could often have up entire rooms and require clubs to run them, IBM offered the components and the software. As technology advanced these computers could actually handle higher capacities and for that reason reduce their very own cost. Smaller, more affordable minicomputers allowed bigger businesses to perform their own processing centers under one building.

The second (personal computer) period began in 1965 as microprocessors started to contend with mainframes and minicomputers and accelerated the decentralizing computing power coming from large data centers to smaller office buildings. In the late 1970s minicomputer technology gave approach to personal computers and comparatively low cost pcs were getting mass market commodities, enabling businesses to supply their workers access to computer power that 10 years before may have cost tens of thousands of dollars. This kind of proliferation of computers a new ready marketplace for adjoining networks and the popularization from the Internet.

As the difficulty of the technology increased and the costs reduced, the need to talk about information within an enterprise as well grew, giving rise towards the third (client/server) era by which computers on the common network were able to access shared information on a server. This allowed for large amounts of information to be reached by countless numbers and even millions of people simultaneously. Your fourth (enterprise) time enabled simply by high speed sites, tied almost all aspects of the organization enterprise collectively offering wealthy information gain access to encompassing the entire management composition.

The sixth and latest (cloud computing) era of information systems utilizes networking technology to deliver applications as well as data storage in addition to the configuration, location or mother nature of the components. This, along with high speed cellphone and wifi sites, led to new levels of flexibility in which managers access the MIS remotely with laptop computers, tablet pcs, and smartphones.

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