High School Conformism Essay

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  • Published: 01.20.20
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During majority of my high school lifestyle, I always wondered why points operated the way they did. Having to go to a location, or mother and father could possibly go to jail. In all honesty it sort of felt like a indoctrination. Heading there I discovered everything was controlled and different social organizations where made based on different peoples people.

The irony of it all is that coming from a young era school appeared to indorse identity, yet hypocritical policies including school uniforms still happened later in the years. My spouse and i questioned why there was a great deal conformity; how come was everybody so concerned with fitting in? While I can’t be the voice for every-ones’ thinking behind peer pressure. I will give my very own reason for from time to time feelings of peer pressure. The 1st 2 years of high school believed very much like a fight for my own individuality.

I’d find multiple ways to help to make myself feel as if I was distinct; for instance producing modifications to my uniform. I as well would follow subculture Stereotypes, although at that time I didn’t realize it was simple was pressure: The pressure to away from what I considered cultural emptiness. This is a period thankfully, and thankfully We slowly We began to realize; I was essentially doing how many other students where doing, although strangely to get the opposite reasoning(to get away from conformism). I’d declare its an excellent learning knowledge, and simply set.

The best way to target individuality is not striving for individuality. When you force you to be different, weather it become following a subculture (beyond your own personal beliefs), or perhaps not taste a ideology without doing all your own study. You’ll absolutely fall into the ignorance of conformism.

Following coming to these kinds of conclusions, I decided to become even more social; encountering new things and so i could have a opinion, rather than stagnate in ignorance. I’ve learned a whole lot in regards to lifestyle, but above all I discovered a lot about myself. I am able to finally admit I i am a person.

I believe high school graduation has certainly had a influence on me, though I’m sure it wasn’t there goal to give me such enlightenment.

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