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advantages? Brain powered car which would be of great help to the literally disabled people.? These vehicles will count only in what the individual is pondering.? Any physical movement on the part of the individual can be not required.? an excellent advance of technology that make the impaired, abled. MANUFACTURED INTELLIGENCE? By BRAIN LAPTOP INTERFACE experts are able to create artificial intellect.? Brain +computer = manufactured intelligence BIOCONTROL SYSTEM? The biocontrol program integrates alerts from various other systems This comprises of 😕

Brain-computer user interface? Automatic security system? Automatic navigation system AUTOMATIC SECURITY SYSTEM? The ELEKTROENZEPHALOGRAPHIE of the rider is monitored continually.

? Because it drops less than 4 Hz then a communication is given for the driver for confirmation and waits intended for sometime, to stay the drive. AUTOMATIC NAVIGATION SYSTEM? It immediately monitors just about every route the automobile travels and stores it.? The map database can be analyzed and the shortest path to the destination is picked.? By xm satellite a radio station the computer hard disks the car automatically.

Human brain computer user interface

? It at times called a immediate neural user interface or a brain-machine? It is a direct communication path between a runner and another device.? Dual end BCIs would allow brains and external gadgets to exchange information in the two directions. ELEKTROENZEPHALOGRAPHIE Transmission? ELEKTROENZEPHALOGRAPHIE (electroencephalogram)? A large screen in the computer is positioned at an angle aesthetically suitable to the driver. Every single program can be controlled possibly directly with a mouse or by a shortcut. The theory is that the impulse of the mind can be tracked and even decoded. When the rider attempts to get a

physical movement it directs an behavioral instinct to the engine neuron This decode the message on the motor neuron to obtain optimum accuracy Simply by observing the sensory neurons we can monitor eye movements of the new driver. The cursor on the screen moves w. r. t eye activity of the drivers the The sensors, that are placed at the front end and rear end ends in the car, give a live feedback of the environment for the computer. The steering wheel is definitely turned through a specific viewpoint by electromechanical actuators. The angle of turn is calibrated in the distance moved by the us dot on the display.

Specialty of the car? After the driver (disabled) nears the vehicle. The security system of the car can be activated.? Automatic arms support the driver to his seat, As soon as the drivers is seated the EEG helmet is placed on the drivers head? Images as well as thermo graphic results of the rider are recently fed into the database in the computer. A brain-computer user interface is a immediate communication pathway between a person or dog brain and an external gadget BCIs would allow brains and external products to exchange information in equally directions TEST OUT RESULTS CONTRASTING DRIVER

RELIABILITY WITH/WITHOUT BCI? Subjects demonstrated activation accuracies in the array of 70-82%? Accuracies using genuine finger motions were noticed in the range 36-83%? The average classification accuracy of imaginary motions was more than 99% CONCLUSION? When the above requirements happen to be satisfied and if this car becomes cost effective? we shall observe a revolutionary difference in the culture? Thus the mixing of bioelectronics with automobile systems is vital to develop successful and highly advanced vehicles. “Thus demarcation between abler plus the disabled vanishes.


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